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Research in Nondestructive Evaluation (RNDE)


Research in Nondestructive Evaluation (RNDE) is the research journal of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). RNDE covers experimental and theoretical investigations dealing with the scientific and engineering bases of NDE, its measurement methodology and a wide range of applications of materials and structures that relate to the entire life cycle, from manufacture to use and retirement. Illustrative topics include advances in the underlying science of acoustic, thermal, electrical, magnetic, optical and ionizing radiation techniques and their applications to NDE problems.

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Current Issue: May 2020 - Volume 31, Issue 3


Analytical Model of the Electro-Mechanical Impedance Response of Frame Structures with L-Shaped Beams

Mohsen Mohsenzadeh, Seyed Reza Hamzeloo, Mohsen Barzegar, Ali Pourkamali Anaraki
(16 pages) abstract

Development of Multi-Coils Circular Eddy Current Sensor for Characterization of Fibers Orientation and Defect Detection in Multidirectional CFRP Material

Nabil Benhadda, Dahmane Hachi, Bachir Helifa, Ibn Khaldoun Lefkaier, Bachir Abdelhadi
(14 pages) abstract

Sizing Small Crack-like Flaws through Non-ideal Part Surface Using Ultrasonic Measurement Model

Xiongbing Li, Nan Sun, Yongfeng Song, Shuzeng Zhang
(17 pages) abstract

Total Variation (TV) /1 Norm Minimization Based Limited Data X-ray CT Image Reconstruction

Shubhabrata Sarkar, Pankaj Wahi, Prabhat Munshi
(23 pages) abstract

2020 RNDE Publication Schedule

January Volume 31, Issue 1 (January – February)
March Volume 31, Issue 2 (March - April)
May Volume 31, Issue 3 (May - June)
July Volume 31, Issue 4 (July - August)
September Volume 31, Issue 5/6 (September - December)

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