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Exhibitor Resources

ASNT is excited to provide the Exhibitor Resource Center to help our exhibitors maximize the effectiveness of their experience at ASNT conferences and events.

The "how-to" articles below will help you plan your presence at ASNT conferences and increase your exposure and improve your return on investment.

Bookmark this page and please send it along to everyone on your exhibiting team.

How to Assign Booth Personnel Online

The process to assign your booth personnel has changed to a new online format. To assign your personnel, you'll need to log in to MyASNT and access the "My Events" area. Not sure how it works? Read these instructions or watch this video.

Exhibitor Best Practices

Closed-Loop Lead Management pdf
7 steps that can help you create a “closed loop” lead management system so your company can follow-up and convert more leads to sales.

Exhibit Measurement Made Easy pdf
Measurement can provide benchmarks for comparing show versus show, show versus last show, and even shows compared to other sales and marketing media. If you’re going to win the game of exhibiting you must have a score keeping process.

High-Impact Pre-show Marketing pdf
Successful exhibitors know that the competition for the attendee’s limited time on the exhibit floor is fierce. They use targeted pre-show marketing to get “in the mind” and “on the agenda” of the right attendees before the show opens.

Planning to Win-Exhibiting by Objectives pdf
There are basically two ways to exhibit; Exhibit by Objectives or Exhibit by Hope. Exhibiting by Objectives is the process of identifying your best reasons for exhibiting, converting those reasons to SMART goals, developing plans for execution, and measuring results.

Staffing for Success pdf
Whether your exhibit ends up as an investment providing a solid return or simply an expense will come down to the people staffing your exhibit. Effectively working a tradeshow requires a person to recognize how the dynamics of the environment are different and to adapt their behaviors and communication skills to the realities of the environment.

The Most Overlooked Key to Exhibiting Success pdf
The single most important key to making tradeshows deliver meaningful and measurable results is to update and expand your company’s exhibiting knowledge base.