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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question, please reach out to our customer service team at the numbers above or email us at


Who can be an individual member of ASNT?

ASNT members include professionals from trade associations, professional societies, philanthropic organizations, nonprofits, suppliers of products and services to associations, educators, government employees, and others who interact with the association industry.

How do I become an ASNT section member?

An ASNT member is automatically assigned membership to the closest section geographically. ASNT section membership is included with your paid ASNT membership.

Can I request membership to a different ASNT section?

Yes, call ASNT Customer Service at 1-800-222-2768.

Where can I find the ASNT member code of ethics?

The Code of Ethics can be found here.


If I hold ASNT certification, do I automatically have membership in ASNT?

No. Membership is optional and has its own dues fees.

I registered on Am I a member now?

No, registering at does not make you a member. Applying for membership is necessary and a dues payment is required.

Is my member ID number the same as my certification ID number?

Yes. We refer to these as customer ID numbers. They are the same for a member who is also an ASNT certificate holder.

Can I earn recertification points for keeping my ASNT membership active?

Yes. ASNT Level IIIs can earn 1 recertification point for each year (12 months) they have membership during their certification period. See category ‘J’ on the following schedule. Note: Log onto to MyASNT to download your ASNT activity transcript for your certification renewal.

Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of my join date, or is the membership term based on the calendar year?

Your membership term is for one year beginning on the day you joined ASNT. Individual members have individual renewal dates. Therefore, the amount for your first year of membership is the full dues amount.

Does ASNT prorate membership?


Is ASNT membership refundable?


Is ASNT membership transferable?


I recently retired from NDT and I wish to maintain my membership with ASNT Does ASNT offer a retired membership option?

Yes, retired membership is available to ASNT members who have paid full membership dues for at least 15 years, and who are 60 years old, retired, and are not receiving remuneration of any kind for NDT activity.

Contact ASNT Customer Service at 1-800-222-2768 to renew as a retired member.

How can I purchase a Lifetime membership with ASNT?

Available to individuals whose combined membership tenure and age are equal to or greater than 65 years. Call ASNT Customer Service at 1-800-222-2768 to renew as a Lifetime member.

Does ASNT offer members with hardships options for renewing?

ASNT is pleased to offer a 6-month complimentary membership to members who are experiencing hardships due to unemployment or temporary disability. Contact ASNT Member Relations Coordinator at 1-800-222-2768 to see if you qualify for hardship offerings.

Are my ASNT membership dues tax deductible?

Ask your tax preparer whether all or some portion of your membership dues qualify for tax deduction.

Are my ASNT membership dues considered a charitable donation?


Can I financially sponsor a membership for someone else?

Yes. Contact ASNT Customer Service Department at 1-800-222-2768.

How can I check to see when my membership is expiring?

You can log onto MyASNT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to update your information and preferences.

How do I update my contact information and communication preferences?

You can log onto MyASNT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to update your information and preferences.

How do I renew my membership?

Renewing online is secure and fast. Click here to get started. You can mail a check or money order with your membership renewal invoice to: ASNT 1711 Arlingate Lane Columbus, OH 43228. If paying by wire transfer, please call ASNT Customer Service at 1-800-222-2768 for assistance.

How do I get a membership card replacement?

Contact ASNT Customer Service at 1-800-222-2768.

How quickly will I have access to my digital Materials Evaluation magazine subscription?

Members who pay by credit card online will have access to the digital version of Materials Evaluation within 24 hours. For members who pay by check, it may take up to 2 weeks to gain access to benefits.

How do I make a claim for missing print copies of Materials Evaluation?

Contact ASNT Customer Service at or 1-800-222-2768.

What is ASNT Group Membership?

Group Membership is quantity bundles of NDT Professional memberships at tiered discount pricing. Whether you have many employees or just a few you can make them all ASNT members and provide them access to a powerful NDT network and a variety of valuable programs and savings. Call ASNT Customer Service at 1-800-222-2768 to join/renew.

How can Group Membership be purchased?

Call ASNT Customer Service at 1-800-222-2768 to join/renew.

What is the cost for Group Membership?

See all options at

Which of my employees are eligible for Group Membership?

Any employee is eligible for membership.

Does Group Membership provide my organization discounts on ASNT products?

Only the individual employees who are signed up as members will receive discounts on ASNT products, but the organization does not.

Does the Group Membership provide any advertising or co-branding opportunities?

No. Consider becoming an ASNT Partner which enables organizations to select from a broad array of co-branding and advertising options based on their level (Classic, Signature, Premier, and Elite) of their commitment.

Can a Group Membership tier be changed?

Yes, upon Group Membership renewal.

Can an employee be added to a Group Membership after initial sign-up?

Call ASNT Customer Service at 1-800-222-2768.


How do I buy a handbook?

Contact ASNT Customer Service at or 1-800-222-2768.

What do I do if I find a mistake in one of your books?

Handbook errata should be sent to ASNT Handbook Editor, Karen Balkin, at For all other publications, please contact the staff editor listed on the copyright page.

Do I need a handbook to study for certification?

Contact the Certification Department at for the most current information on the study requirements for each ASNT Level

Can I submit a chapter for a handbook?

The technical editor, chosen by the appropriate method committee, is responsible for assigning chapters in the handbook. Contact the chair of the method committee if you’re interested in becoming a contributor in the next handbook. For reference, each method handbook is revised about every 12 to 15 years.

Are the handbooks available in other languages?

ASNT Handbooks are sold worldwide, but currently are published only in English. There are no ASNT-authorized translations available. For inquiries about translating ASNT publications, please contact the Director of Publications, Toni Kervina, at

Will I earn recertification points for work on a publication?

Yes. Recertification points are awarded for authoring or reviewing ASNT periodicals and books. Writing an NDT-related paper in a Society publication can earn up to 3 recertification points (category G). Development or technical review (full or partial) of an NDT publication is awarded up to 3 recertification points. Volunteers can earn points for contributing to just one chapter or by leading the development of an entire book. More details can be found here. A specific breakdown of points per activity is available by clicking here.

What types of volunteer opportunities are available with ASNT's publications?

Subject matter experts are needed for a variety of activities:

  • Authoring or leading the development of a study guide or Q&A Book.
  • Authoring a chapter of a handbook.
  • Performing a technical review of a study guide, Q&A Book, Handbook, or Personnel Training Publications Series book.
  • Revising a chapter in a new edition of an existing book

Does ASNT pay authors and technical reviewers?

The majority of ASNT publications are volunteer-driven and led by members of the Technical & Education Council Method Committees. Occasionally, authors are paid, depending on the nature of the project. Payment is determined by project, and authors are solicited accordingly. Technical reviewers are not paid.

Do I have to be a member of a T&E Council Method Committee to contribute to a publication?

No. In fact, ASNT membership is not required to participate, either. However, most calls to participate are first sent to the method committees, so it’s a great way to hear about opportunities.

Where can I find information about publications volunteer opportunities?

Volunteers are recruited during T&E Council Method Committee meetings at both ASNT’s Annual Conference and Research Symposium. Opportunities are also sometimes posted on or in Materials Evaluation, ASNT’s monthly journal. Volunteers can also contact staff editors directly expressing their interest to contribute. If needed, ASNT staff may also contact specific individuals who are experts in their respective method.

Do I need to be certified to contribute to an ASNT publication?

Subject matter experts who work on Level III materials must either hold a Level III certification in that method or hold an advanced degree in a related science or engineering field. Those working on Level I or Level II materials must hold a Level II or higher certification in that method, or hold an advanced degree in a related science or engineering field.

How do I log onto the digital edition of Materials Evaluation / The NDT Technician?

ASNT members and subscribers can access full issues of Materials Evaluation online by logging on to the following website with their MyASNT username and password: Materials Evaluation Online

The NDT Technician is currently available at no cost here: The NDT Technician Online

How do I submit a press release for one of Materials Evaluation's monthly departments? (e.g., Industry News, New Media, Product Gallery/Product Spotlight, People)

Press releases can be emailed to the Assistant Editor at To be considered for a specific issue, press releases should be submitted by the first of the month, two months in advance of that issue (for example, by 1 October for the December issue). Press releases may include one accompanying high-resolution image.

I'm looking for a job. Where can I post my qualifications and view a list of candidates?

ASNT members looking for employment are encouraged to submit Positions Wanted ads, which can be found here.

This is a free benefit to members. This list corresponds to the monthly listing printed in Materials Evaluation. Please note that ASNT is not responsible for the authenticity or accuracy of the information in the ads. Candidates do not carry the endorsement or recommendation of ASNT.

To view a list of current job openings, visit the Help Wanted Ads page.

My company has a job opening. Where can I post the ad and view a list of candidates?

To post your job opening on ASNT’s Help Wanted page, visit the Job Search page and fill out the submission form linked at the bottom of the page. Once approved, the ad will be posted for one month. To publish a Help Wanted ad in Materials Evaluation, contact Marketing and Advertising Specialist, Jessica Miller, at The Help Wanted Ad is a fee-based service.

To view a list of candidates looking for employment, visit the Positions Wanted page.

How do I submit an article to Materials Evaluation?

Materials Evaluation welcomes original papers on NDT applications and on applied NDT research. Subject matter may cover traditional and nontraditional areas of nondestructive testing. Submit your paper online through ScholarOne.

If you have questions, please contact Periodicals Editor, Jill Ross, at

How do I submit an article to Research in Nondestructive Evaluation?

Visit the RNDE webpage for more information.

How do I submit an article to The NDT Technician?

Submissions to The NDT Technician can be emailed to Periodicals Editor, Jill Ross, at Please include all figures along with the text and specify that you are submitting the article for The NDT Technician.

How can I submit my training courses to the Materials Evaluation calendar?

Send your course information to the Assistant Editor at Please include the course name, method, location, and start/end dates. Also be sure to include contact information for the training center, including (as applicable) an email address, phone number, fax number, and website. Calendar listings run for three months at a time, and the due date is the first of the month, two months in advance (for example, 1 October for the December calendar). In order to avoid missing an issue, ASNT encourages training centers to send course information as early as possible (and up to a year in advance). Course information corresponding to the print calendar in Materials Evaluation is also posted online.

How can my products be featured in NDTMarketplace?

NDTMarketplace is published twice a year, in May and December. To submit a press release for NDTMarketplace, contact the Assistant Editor at

Press releases should be no more than 100 words long and written in paragraph form (no bulleted lists). Only one product may be submitted. Please also include your company’s name, location, website, and the best email address for readers to contact with questions about the product. Press releases should also include one high-resolution photograph (300+ dpi at 2.5 inches square). Submissions are typically due by the end of February for the May issue, and by the end of September for the December issue, but early submissions are accepted year-round

How can I access materials from the NDT Library?

The NDT Library is located on ASNT’s website.

Papers (not including RNDE) and conference proceedings are available free to members. Non-members and anyone wishing to access an RNDE paper can purchase these materials for a cost of $25 each by contacting Customer Service at

Where can I find an article or conference paper that doesnt appear in the NDT Library?

Contact Customer Service at for assistance in locating old or hard-to-find publications that don’t appear online. All requests (members and non-members) are subject to the $25 library fee.

Whom do I contact if I am interested in serving as a reviewer, Associate Technical Editor, or on a committee for ASNT periodicals?

Please contact Periodicals Editor, Jill Ross, at


Why should I advertise with ASNT?

ASNT is the world's leading publisher of NDT technology. With more than 15,000 members and 600 corporate partners, ASNT publications are delivered to an exclusive audience of NDT professionals. Eighty-three percent of our readers are involved in purchasing decisions for their company and more than 65% are at the highest level of decision making. If you want to reach the top NDT leaders, you've come to the right place! Contact Jessica Miller at for more information.

What kind of advertising options do you offer?

We offer an array of advertising options and custom packages that will accommodate your needs and fit your budget. You can view all of our advertising options on our online media planner. Contact Jessica Miller at for more information.

Do you offer digital advertising?

Yes, we have several digital options available. You can view them here.

I have a very limited budget. Can I afford to advertise?

Yes! We offer many budget-friendly advertising options. Contact Jessica Miller to find out more at

Marketing and Communication

Does ASNT have social media?

Who is your media contact?

Garra Liming at

What sponsorship opportunities are available?

Please contact Jessica Miller at for opportunities.


How do I register for a specific conference?

You can register through your MyASNT account, or contact Customer Service at 800-222-2768 or via email at

When will the program for a specific conference be posted?

The conference programs are typically posted 90 to 120 days prior to the event.

Can you make a hotel reservation for me?

Because hotels typically need a credit card to guarantee the room, we cannot make the reservation for you.

How do I reserve an exhibit space at an ASNT conference?

If the conference is currently accepting exhibitors, there will be a link on the website. However, we highly encourage you speak with Ruth Staat,, about exhibiting.

How do I cancel/transfer my registration?

Cancellations are accepted with a cancellation fee, until the cancellation date, which is typically about 30 days prior to the conference. At any point, a registration can be transferred to another person without a fee. Hardships are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Are recertification points available? How many recertification points are available for a specific conference?

Level III recertification points are offered at all ASNT conferences at a rate of approximately 0.34 points per hour of presentation.

I need to register a third party (boss, coworker, etc.) or a group of people to attend a conference.

This is best handled by the International Service Center staff on the system back-end and can be done over the phone or via the paper registration form. Please call Customer Service at 800-222-2768 or fax your paper registration to 614-274-6899.


What documents/work experience are needed for the various kinds of certification?

The documents needed are different for each program. Our certification department would be happy to assist you in determining your requirements. You can contact certification at 800-222-2768 or via email at

How do I pay or register for an exam?

Customers need to apply for the exams and then be approved. Payment needs to be made at the time of application. You can apply online at and pay with credit card. If you choose to pay later, your application will not be reviewed until payment is received. Late payments for applications can be made on your MyASNT account or by wire transfer.

How do I schedule my exams?

You will need to schedule your exams through Pearson VUE. However, you cannot be scheduled until you have submitted an application that has been approved by ASNT. Once you are approved, you will receive an email from ASNT. At that time, you will also receive an email from Pearson VUE with instructions on how to schedule.

Where can I send required documentation?

Documents can be sent to If you have received a missing requirements email, documents can also be added from your MyASNT account under ‘Certification/Exams’.

If I pass the test, how long before I get my certification paperwork/card?

Certification materials are sent by mail within 2 to 4 weeks for US candidates. International mailing times will vary based on location and may take up to 12 weeks. You can verify your certification under the certificate holder list on the ‘Certification’ area of the website.

If I don't pass, are exam retakes priced differently than the original tests?

Most of the exams can be retaken at a reduced rate.

How do I sign up an employee for a test?

Employees need to apply through their own MyASNT account.

How can I get a printout copy of my certification?

To get a copy of your certificate, email with your original certificate. You will then receive a form that will need completed to order a paper certificate.

What self-serve certification options (uploading docs/registering for tests, etc.) are available on MyASNT?

On MyASNT, you can apply for certification, upload missing requirements, pay invoices, and print proof of renewal points.

What documents do I need to provide for a retake exam?

Complete the Signature Box form to upload; for all other requirements you can mark that you have already uploaded them.

Can I expedite my application?

An expedite option is available if you’re applying online and it is only for the review of your application. The Certification department will review your application within 2 business days.

How do I interpret SNT-TC-1A?

There is a book for interpreting SNT-TC-1A that you can purchase here.

What books are recommended for my test?

Please see the Certification section for more information.

Can I track my Certification on MyASNT?

You can follow the status of your Certification Application on our website, under MyASNT.

To begin, click on MyASNT at the top of the page. A general info page will come up. On the left side of the page, click on ‘Certifications / Exams’. When the page comes up, you will see ‘My Certification Applications’ at the top and it will be listed right underneath. From here, you will be able to follow the status of your application.

Customer Service

Can my books be shipped to a PO Box?

Unfortunately, they cannot. We use FedEx for our shipping, and they will not ship to a PO Box address.

Where can I request a proforma or quote before purchasing books, and what information is needed?

Proformas can be provided for book order requests. You will need to email your request to:

Please provide the following information:

  • Your ASNT ID number (if applicable).
  • Bill To and Ship To address (for the Ship To address, include company name [if applicable], contact person’s name, and their contact phone number).
  • Order number of publication and quantity for each item.
  • How you want your order shipped. We use our own FedEx account for shipping and offer Ground, Second Day, or Overnight.

Payment instructions will be provided in response to requests.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), check (drawn on US Bank/US funds), and wire transfer.

How long do I have to return a book after purchase?

You have 45 days, from the date on the invoice, to call and get a Return Authorization number from us. Photos of the book/s must be sent to: to receive a Return Authorization number. All returns must be received in resalable condition in order to receive credit. The shipping cost is nonrefundable.

Where do I send my book return?

Return orders to:
ASNT Attn. Books Dpt. / RA #
1711 Arlingate Ln
Columbus, OH 43228

Please note, all items are returned at the customers expense (shipping is not refunded) and must be received in resalable condition (if not received in resalable condition, the customer must pay the shipping cost to have the book/s returned back to them). Please send photos to us before shipping your return.

We recommend taking photos of the book/s before you pack them into a box, take a photo of the box before you ship it, and have the shipment insured. This way if the carrier damages the box (which could make the books not resalable by the time we receive them), you will at least be able to file a claim with the carrier.

I purchased an eBook How do I download it?

Here are instructions on accessing your eBook in 4 steps:

  1. Get a free Adobe ID.
    Go to and click the sign in link at the top-right. Click the ‘Get an Adobe ID’ link and follow the directions to set up a free account. This Adobe ID is what your ebook will be linked to (see step 4).
  2. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions.
    Available here:
  3. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions.
    Open Adobe Digital Editions. Under the ‘Help’ menu choose ‘Authorize Computer’ and input the Adobe ID as well as the password that you just created.
  4. Download your eBook using the link provided in your confirmation email or at MyASNT.
    If prompted by your computer, choose to open the application 'URLLink.acsm' with Adobe Digital Editions.

Can I return an eBook?

No, eBook purchases are nonrefundable.

Why can't I print my eBook?

ASNT has an obligation to protect content rights and copyright ownership; therefore, there are copyright and distribution restrictions associated with eBooks as with a printed book. ASNT eBooks utilize Digital Rights Management (DRM) that is built into Adobe Digital Editions. Usage and security settings for each eBook may vary. You can view DRM settings for your eBook through the Adobe Digital Editions program.

Can I put my eBook on a server for my coworkers and I to share?

No, the eBook cannot be shared with your coworkers or staff. They must purchase and download a separate copy of the eBook. Each eBook is intended for a single user. You cannot give away, sell, lend, or distribute an eBooks or transfer the user rights to another individual or organization if it has been purchased under your name.

I am brand new to the industry. Are there any online courses or reading materials I can get a better understanding? Something like an NDT 101 course?

Welcome to the World of NDT! We can definitely assist you!

To get you started, we recommend our Choose NDT video that will give you some insight on non-destructive testing.

Next, ASNT has an ‘Introduction to Nondestructive Testing’ webpage. This will give you a general explanation of NDT and a brief description of the NDT Test Methods.

And last, but not least, I would like to invite you our YouTube channel. This is an excellent area with a plethora of information that expands across the community of NDT. These videos are very educational for new members of the field.

How do I place an order?

You can go to the ASNT Store to order online. Send an email to, or call our Customer Service team at 1-800-222-2768.

How can I revise or cancel an order?

Call our Customer Service team at 1-800-222-2768.

How do I change my name?

Send an email to or call our Customer Service team at 1-800-222-2768. Be prepared to send a photo of your legal documentation (Driver’s License, Passport, Name change certificate, etc.).

How can I change my personal information (address, phone number, etc.)?

You can either change this information at MyASNT (, email, or call our Customer Service team at 1-800-222-2768.

I did not get my latest copy of Materials Evaluation. How can I get it?

You can access your digital Materials Evaluation by logging into your MyASNT account, or request a print copy via email at

How do I log onto the Digital Edition of Materials Evaluation / The NDT Technician?

ASNT members and subscribers can access full issues of Materials Evaluation online by logging on with their MyASNT username and password.

The NDT Technician is available to the public (members and nonmembers) here:

I forgot my Username for MyASNT.

Your username is your primary email address associated with your MyASNT account.

I forgot my Password for MyASNT.

From your MyASNT login page, click on “Forgot Password.” This will send a link to your email to reset your MyASNT password.

How do I make a payment or find an invoice on MyASNT?

  1. Log on to and click on MyASNT at the top of the page.
  2. A general information page will come up. Click "Invoices/Transaction History" on the left-hand sidebar.
  3. When this page opens, you will see "Open Invoices" at the top of the page. Click on the open invoice, and you will be able to proceed to enter your credit card information from there.