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Building a Stronger Board

As trustees and leaders of the Society, the members of the ASNT Board of Directors are selected to bring breadth and depth of experience and understanding, coupled with qualities of character, vision, leadership, and responsibility to justify the faith of the members in electing them to lead and guide the Society.

Application Requirements and Submission

Completed application submissions should include:

  1. Completed Candidate Application
  2. Candidate Resume
  3. Candidate Statement Indicating Interest in Serving
  4. Employer's Letter of Support

It is the responsibility of the candidate or the individual submitting the nomination to ensure that all required documents are submitted to ASNT.

Director at Large Applicant Qualifications

  1. Hold active ASNT membership* (Student Members are not eligible).
  2. Employer support for required travel and related expenses to attend Board training and meetings.
  3. Commitment to serve a three (3) year term if elected.

Secretary/Treasurer Applicant Qualifications

  1. Shall have been a member of ASNT at least ten (10) years;
  2. Shall have five (5) years national involvement; and,
  3. Shall have been a member of the Board for at least one (1) full term.
  4. Employer support for required travel and related expenses to attend Board training and meetings.
  5. Commitment to serve a one (1) year term* if elected.

Annual nominating and election timeline

December Call for Board of Directors Candidate Nominations/Applications
March Candidate Interviews with Selection Committee
May Candidates are Published
July Voting Begins
August Voting Ends
September Election Results are Published
October New Board Members are Installed
January New Board Members Terms Commence

If you are interested in running as either a Secretary/Treasurer or Director at Large candidate or are submitting your application, please familiarize yourself with the following policies.

  • ASNT Bylaws
  • Policy J-03, ASNT Board of Directors Job Description
  • Policy G-16, Requisite Travel & Expense Policy
  • Policy J-04.4, ASNT Secretary/Treasurer Job Description
  • Policy G-01, Secretary/Treasurer Nomination Process
  • Policy G-03, Candidate Employer Support

The text of these policies are available from our policy page.


Heather Cowles
Director, Membership and Engagement
(800) 274-2768 x216 Toll Free

If you have any questions about the eligibility requirements, application materials or election timeline, please contact Heather Cowles.

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