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Faculty Grant

The purpose of the Faculty Grant is to provide an annual incentive to faculty members of engineering or science programs at US universities and colleges to revise their existing courses or to develop new courses to teach NDT and NDE by providing financial resources in the form of a grant.

Award Information


The purpose of this grant is to provide an annual incentive to faculty members of engineering or science programs at US universities and colleges to revise their existing courses or to develop new courses to teach NDT and NDE by providing financial resources in the form of a grant.  This award is part of an ASNT strategy to support engineering and science education, promote NDT/NDE as a professional career and to create awareness of the ASNT brand in US academia.


Faculty members from engineering or science programs at US universities or colleges. Faculty member(s) must meet the requirements for curriculum and teaching requirements as required by the nominating university.  No more than one (1) proposal per faculty member shall be considered annually.


All Faculty Grant proposals should be formatted as follows:

The proposal shall describe a program that has as its principal objective the modification of an existing course or courses or the development of a new course to teach nondestructive testing principles, methods, and applications.

Length: The proposal, with all supporting materials, should not exceed twenty single-sided sheets in reasonable font size (single-spaced).

Title Page: The title page should list the title, the university name, the name of the faculty member submitting the proposal, mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address(es).

Abstract: A brief executive summary of the nature and scope of the course development to be performed.

Grant Proposal: This should contain a detailed description of the modifications to existing course content and material, or development of new course contents and materials indicating the objectives, planned approach, and expected results, including the number of students likely to be impacted.

Program of Study: This should provide a brief description of the existing curriculum and how the modification or additions will impact and integrate with the overall department curriculum.  A brief catalog description of the indicated courses would be helpful.
Budget: The proposed use of the ASNT Faculty Grant funds should be indicated explicitly.  It is anticipated that the grant funds shall be used to pay faculty salaries, purchase curriculum materials, audio-visual or online content.  None of the ASNT Faculty Grant funds can be used for overhead or indirect institution expenses.  Substantial cost-sharing by faculty member’s institution is expected.

Biographical Information: Background information on the lead faculty member and any other faculty member involved must be included. In addition, please complete the ASNT’s Biographical Data Form for this information (download form).

Departmental Support: A letter of support from the departmental administrator is required.

*The proposal must be signed by the faculty member and by an official authorized to commit the institution in business affairs.

Method of Selection

The Financial Awards Committee selects up to two $10,000 grants each year, pending merit and number of submissions.

Evaluation Criteria:

A critical review will be made of all proposals by the committee, using the following guidelines or other appropriate criteria as bases, agreed by the committee members based on their experience and the contents and quality of the submitted proposals:

  • Potential contribution to NDT
  • Impact on current curriculum
  • Thoroughness of approach
  • Documentation on number of students likely to be impacted
  • Level of cost-sharing
  • Qualification of faculty members
  • Letter of support from departmental administrator

Award Timeline

  • Announcements are made in the: September Issue of Materials Evaluation
  • Applications deadline is the 1st of December (All applications must be electronically)
  • The Financial Awards Committee will provide its recommendation to the ASNT Board of Directors during ASNT’s Research Symposium
  • Recipients will be notified following the Research Symposium
  • Funding will begin in: May (50% awarded at start); 25% upon filing final report; 25% on report approval
  • Awards will be presented at ASNT’s Annual Conference
  • Submission of written Final Report on the completed study or activity must be submitted one month following the stated completion date of the proposed program that would describe in detail the course outline, textbooks and references and laboratory materials that were developed and include originals of any audio-visual materials developed. 
  • The Final Report shall be reviewed and approved by the committee.  In cases where the committee may find that all of the work or documentation of the work is not adequately presented in the Final Report, the Committee shall instruct ASNT ISC to request the faculty member to submit a revised report.

Form of Award

$10,000 in funding and Certificate in Walnut Frame

*Recipients who are not members of ASNT will also receive a complimentary one (1) year membership.

Current Award Recipient(s)

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