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Aerospace NDT ASNT Industry Handbook

“The level of detail and explanations are superb. The impact of this book in the aerospace industry should be enormous!” Dr. Eric v. K. Hill, retired, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Its 56 contributors, plus dozens of additional reviewers, are drawn from the research community and practicing Level IIIs in the industry. Methods: Visual, Ultrasonic, X-ray, Penetrant, Magnetic, Eddy Current, Acoustic, Leak, Infrared, Shearography, Bond Testing, In Situ NDT for Structural Health Monitoring, Microwave Testing, Coating Measurement, Surface Quality, and Fundamental Formulas, and glossary. 450 pages, 383 figures, more than 500 illustrations, 128 tables, and 152 equations. ASNT 2014.

* Available In: Hardcover PDF

Product 0127

Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Set (Ten Volumes)

This set is a must have for any comprehensive NDT library. The NDT Handbooks are the premier publications for the industry, covering both theory and application of the various methods. Illustration and tables enhance every volume. (Third editions are Vol. 3–10, Fourth Edition are Vol. 1-3).

* Available In: Hardcover


Annual Book of ASTM Standards Section 3, 03.03: Nondestructive Testing

This volume covers the latest standards on nondestructive testing of engineering materials, structures, and assemblies to detect flaws and characterize materials properties. Subjects include radiology, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant examination, acoustic emission, ultrasonic, electromagnetic and leak testing. Other headings in this volume include infrared methods, nondestructive testing agencies, and metals sorting and identification.

* Available In: Softcover

Product 0105

ASM Handbook: Nondestructive Evaluation and Quality Control

This book is Volume 17 helps readers select, use, and interpret methods used to nondestructively test and analyze engineered products and assemblies. Digital technology is transforming the implementation of NDE and is covered extensively. New case studies and examples illustrate specific NDE techniques and give new insights which are needed to provide the data needed to solve many real-world NDE problems, to understand and measure early degradation, and to give the required data for remaining safe life or prognostic prediction.

* Available In: Hardcover