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Ebook Purchasing Process

You have 90 days to download your ebook from our website.

If this is the first time you’ve purchased an ASNT ebook. . .

First, verify that you can connect to the ASNT ebook server by clicking on this link. You should get a “Success” message. If you do not get a “Success” message, contact your network administrator and request that outgoing connections to port 8080 be allowed.

Next, you will need to download, install, and authorize Adobe Digital Editions. . . 

Go to and click on “ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS Download.”

  1. Follow the prompts to install Adobe Digital Editions according to your operating system instructions.
  2. You can create your free Adobe ID when prompted within Adobe Digital Editions, or go directly to, select “My Adobe,” click on “My Adobe ID,” and follow the instructions for creating an Adobe ID.
  3. When you’ve received confirmation that the Adobe ID has been created, close the browser, return to Adobe Digital Editions, and enter the Adobe ID username and password you created. You have now authorized Adobe Digital Editions.
    NOTE: Your ASNT ebook can only be accessed through Adobe Digital Editions, and creating an Adobe ID is the only way to access your ebook on multiple devices. DO NOT skip steps 1–3 of this process.
  4. After you've authorized Adobe Digital Editions, return to your MyASNT account and download a copy of your book by clicking the “Download” link next to the book title. If prompted by your computer, choose to open the application “URLLink.acsm” with Adobe Digital Editions.

For subsequent downloads, log in to MyASNT and select the “Download” link next to the ebook title.

Setting up your ASNT ebook

Here are instructions on accessing your ebook in four steps (NOTE: please read and follow all instructions before downloading your ebook. If you skip to Step 4, the ebook will not download properly):

  1. Get a free Adobe ID.
    Go to and click the sign in link at the top-right. Click the ‘Get an Adobe ID’ link and follow the directions to set up a free account. This Adobe ID is what your ebook will be linked to (see step 4).
  2. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions.
    Available here:
  3. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions.
    Open Adobe Digital Editions. Under the “Help” menu choose “Authorize Computer” and input the Adobe ID as well as the password that you just created.
  4. Download your ebook using the link provided in your confirmation email or at MyASNT.
    If prompted by your computer, choose to open the application “URLLink.acsm” with Adobe Digital Editions.

The Adobe ID enables you to access your ASNT ebook on multiple devices through Adobe Digital Editions. Books that are purchased on a computer that has been activated with Digital Editions anonymously (without an ID) will belong to that computer, whereas those purchased with an ID will belong to that ID on any device. To learn more about content portability, please see “Can I read an ASNT ebook on a device other than my computer?”

You can create your Adobe ID when prompted within Adobe Digital Editions, or go directly to the, select “My Adobe” in the top-right corner, then click on “My Adobe ID” and follow the instructions for creating an Adobe ID.

All ASNT ebooks are viewable through Adobe Digital Editions. Please visit the following link to see the complete list of system requirements to use Adobe Digital Editions.

Please visit this page for tutorials that will walk you through the download and installation process for both Mac and Windows, as well as direct you to articles that cover common issues.

The first recommended step is to try downloading Adobe Digital Editions using a different browser:

If that does not solve the problem, please visit this page for more troubleshooting guides from Adobe.

Please visit this page for a variety of solutions to sign-in issues with your Adobe account, including resetting your password

Once purchased, you may forward the “Access your ASNT ebook” email to the person you are purchasing the book for; however, please note that you must not open the ebook first yourself. The person who wants to access and read the ebook will need to set up Adobe Digital Editions and open the book with Digital Editions authorized to their Adobe ID. Once the ebook has been opened, it cannot be transferred to another Adobe ID account or otherwise redistributed.

No, ebook purchases are nonrefundable.

Using ASNT ebooks

Yes. Once your book has been downloaded, it can be found in your Documents folder in a folder called “My Digital Editions.” This backed-up copy will not expire. The PDFs in this folder can only be opened in Adobe Digital Editions authorized with the same Adobe ID that you used to originally open the PDF.

Yes! To be able to read an ASNT ebook across multiple devices, please ensure that you have activated your computer with Digital Editions using your Adobe ID. Books downloaded before activation with an Adobe ID will not be transferable to another device. As a reminder, you can make sure Adobe Digital Editions is authorized to your Adobe ID by going to the “Help” menu, choosing “Authorize Computer,” and inputting the Adobe ID as well as the password.

By using your Adobe ID, you can open your ASNT ebook on multiple devices once you have downloaded Adobe Digital Editions to that device and authorized the device with your Adobe ID. If you have Adobe Digital Editions activated with your Adobe ID on a new device, you should be able to open the ASNT ebook directly from your library on the new device. If the new device has Adobe Digital Editions but it has not been activated, or it has been activated to another Adobe ID,  a pop-up window asking for your Adobe ID will appear when you attempt to open the book on the new device.

Please visit this page to see the complete list of devices that are supported by Adobe Digital Editions

You can use your Adobe ID to activate up to six devices that are compatible with Adobe Digital Editions. Please note that your ASNT ebook purchase will only appear if all devices have been activated using your Adobe ID. They are not transferrable to another Adobe account, and they cannot be distributed outside of Adobe Digital Editions.

If you activated Adobe Digital Editions onto a computer using an Adobe ID, your ASNT ebook should be accessible through another computer if you are also using Adobe Digital Editions with the same Adobe ID. De-authorize Adobe Digital Editions and then reauthorize it with your Adobe ID. If you are having trouble, please see this page for a guide about authorizing and de-authorizing Adobe Digital Editions.

If you activated Adobe Digital Editions onto a computer without an Adobe ID while purchasing the ebook, that book will only appear on that particular computer. Please contact ASNT customer support at

ASNT has an obligation to protect content rights and copyright ownership; therefore, there are copyright and distribution restrictions associated with ebooks as with a printed book. ASNT ebooks utilize Digital Rights Management (DRM) that is built into Adobe Digital Editions. Usage and security settings for each ebook may vary. You can view DRM settings for your ebook through the Adobe Digital Editions program.

No, the ebook cannot be shared with your coworkers or staff. Once purchased and downloaded to your Adobe Digital Editions, your ASNT ebook is attached to your Adobe ID and cannot be copied to a different account or otherwise shared. Another individual who wants access to the ebook must purchase and download a separate copy of the ebook. Each ebook is intended for a single user. You cannot give away, sell, lend, or distribute an ebook or transfer the user rights to another individual or organization if it has been purchased under your name. This prevents unauthorized duplicate copies in violation of United States Copyright Law.

Common errors & troubleshooting

  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Make sure you’ve authorized with your Adobe ID. To check, click on “Authorization information” under the help menu.
  3. If “Authorization Information” is grayed out, you will need to go to and create a free account (or sign in).
  4. Once authorized, go back to Digital Editions, and under the help menu, choose the “Authorize computer” and input the login information you used to create an Adobe account.
  5. To open the Adobe Content Server Message, under the file menu choose “Add to library.”
  6. At the bottom right of the open dialog, change the file type. By default, “ebooks” will be selected. Change this to “Adobe Content Server Message.”

This is likely a problem with the file association set up for the ACSM file within Adobe Digital Editions not recognizing the ACSM file type. You can follow the procedure outlined in the question above, or do the following:

  1. Right-click the file.
  2. Under the “Open with” menu, choose to open with Adobe Digital Editions.

You may also drag the URLLink.acsm file into Adobe Digital Editions.

You have 90 days to download an ASNT ebook after purchase; after 90 days, the ability to download expires. If you have exceeded this download period, please contact ASNT customer support at

This is an error resulting from the authorization of Adobe Digital Editions. You will need to de-authorize and reauthorize in the following way:

  1. Click Help > Erase Authorization.
  2. Enter the password for the Adobe ID account you used to authorize Adobe Digital Editions in the pop-up window.
  3. Click Erase Authorization.
  4. Click Help and then Authorize to start the reauthorization process.
  5. In the dialog box that opens, select Adobe ID as your ebook vendor and then type in your username and password.

If you are having trouble, please see this page for a guide about authorizing and de-authorizing Adobe Digital Editions.

Please see Adobe’s Help page about common activation errors that occur in Adobe Digital Editions:

Please visit this page for an FAQ of the most commonly asked questions about Adobe Digital Editions, divided by category.

Please visit this page for a more in-depth FAQ covering many topics.

Please visit this page to see an in-depth guide for a variety of troubleshooting and support