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Photo Submissions: IR Handbook

Your help is needed to create the next IR Handbook. We are seeking color photo submissions that meet the requirements and needs listed below.

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  • The images need a resolution of 300 DPI or better and must be shot originally in color.
  • Contributors will be asked to give ASNT copyright to publish the photographs (contributors will be credited in the book.)
  • Descriptions are very important. What is the component and what is it made of? What technique or stage in the inspection process is depicted? (If scale is wanted, it may be indicated in the caption or by including a metric ruler or an object such as a pencil or US coin in the photo.)

Photos Sought

New photo subjects are not restricted to those in the third edition (2001).

Representative Setups for Thermal and Infrared Techniques

  • Pulsed Thermography
  • Lockin Thermography
  • Step Heating
  • Vibromography
  • Thermoelastic Stress Analysis
  • Inductive Thermography

Inspectors Doing Thermal and Infrared Testing

  • Thermal Imaging of Welding and Laser Welding
  • Thermal and Infrared Testing of Metals
  • High-Temperature Testing
  • Condition Monitoring

Examples of Both Good and Bad Practices

Building Applications

Chemical and Petroleum Applications

Composite Applications

Electric Power Applications

Thermal and Infrared Testing Equipment

  • Thermographic Imagers
  • Infrared Borescopes
  • Testing Room Setups