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ASNT Strategic Plan 2022–2026

ASNT's mission is to advance the field of nondestructive testing

The ASNT Strategic Plan lays out the association’s roadmap for the next five years (2022–2026). It is the culmination of two years of research, analysis, discussion, and reflection by the volunteer members of the Board of Directors and the management team, and reflects the cumulative input received from many key stakeholders. The plan articulates the Board’s vision for the Society, defines our mission in the simplest of terms, and identifies values for the nondestructive testing field we serve as well as for the association we are responsible for leading. The plan identifies six strategic objectives, which we refer to as “pillars”, which are the association’s priorities for the next five years. Each pillar includes a brief overview, a summary of the current reality, a brief statement of a future vision, an outline of the strategies we will deploy to drive us toward the vision, and a list of goals with milestone schedules. We encourage ASNT’s members, sections, stakeholders, and peer societies to join with us in making this vision a reality.


Download the full strategic plan as a PDF