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Research Council

The ASNT Research Council exists to promote NDE/NDT research and development through programs and activities that have measurable influence in the US and international community.

The Council’s vision is to serve as the organization that identifies emerging and advanced NDE research and development, provides a professional forum for communication, promotes NDE education and technology transfer among young professionals, researchers, engineers, inspectors and equipment manufacturers, and fosters professional growth.

The Research Council has five standing committees. These committees perform the work necessary for the council to achieve its goals.  The committees are:

  1. The RC Emerging Technologies & Technology Transfer Committee communicates with other ASNT councils, sister organizations and societies, academic and research institutions toward developing an agreeable plan in terms of the technology transfer for advancing NDE technologies.
  2. The RC Program Committee works closely with the ASNT International Service center to assist in putting together the ASNT Research Symposium program.  The committee also coordinates with other organizations, including the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation at Iowa State University, other sister organizations and societies, and other academic and research institutions to bring the most relevant content to the Symposium.
  3. The RC Publication Committee works closely with the Research in Nondestructive Evaluation Journal editorial committee on the content of the journal.
  4. The RC Mentoring Committee works with graduate and undergraduate students in the areas of NDE and NDT.
  5. The RC Membership and Outreach Committee is charges with growing, and encouraging participation in, the council.

Research Council Members

(elected chair and vice-chair, and secretary)

Anish Poudel- Chair
Valery Godinez-Azcuaga- Vice Chair
Paul Panetta- Secretary
Mohammad Tayeb Al Qaseer
John Aldrin
Madasamy Arockiasamy
Stephan Ballard
Darren Beckett
Hassina Bilheux
Benjamin Blandford
Shane Boone
Ichrak Bourougaa
Cara Campbell Leckey
Sunil Chakrapani
Andriy Chertov
Tsuchin Chu
Ehsan Dehghan-Niri
B Boro Djordjevic
Arvin Ebrahimkhanlou
Roger Engelbart
Saman Farhangdoust
Ramon Fernandez Orozco
Gregory Garcia
Marc Genest
Gary Georgeson
Nicholas Gianaris
David Gilbert
Waled Hassan
Ahmed Hassen
David Jack
Robin James
Shant Kenderian
Christopher Kube
Michael Liesenfelt
Glenn Light
Eric Lindgren
Roman Maev
Sahar Maghsoudy-Louyeh
Catalin Mandache
Andrew Mayer
Megan McGovern
David Moore
Saptarshi Mukherjee
Swathi Muthyala Ramesh
Yi-Cheng Pan
William Prosser
Henrique Reis
Samir Saad Moghazy Saad
Erica Schumacher
Steven Shepard
Parisa Shokouhi
Surendra Singh
James Smith
Ryan Spencer
Adi Sukardi
Hossein Taheri
Clint Thomson
Bernhard Tittmann
Joseph Turner
Suhaib Zafar
Ali Zare Hosseinzadeh
Zhan Zhang
Xuan Zhu
Reza Zoughi