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Awards and Honors Council

The Awards and Honors Council is responsible for overseeing the ASNT awards program activities. This includes but is not limited to approving additions or revisions to the existing awards program and bestow recognition to deserving members on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Awards and Honors Council Members

Hussein Sadek - Chair
Glenn Light - Vice Chair
Martin Anderson
David Bajula
Charles Buynak
Sunil Chakrapani
John Z Chen
Yiming Deng
Roger Engelbart
Huidong Gao
Anita Gregorian
Ahmed Hassen
Shant Kenderian
Claudia Kropas-Hughes
Shanglei Li
Joseph Mackin
Marybeth Miceli
Raymond Morasse
Ricky Morgan
Yi-Cheng Pan
Henrique Reis
Flynn Spears
John Turner