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Anita Gregorian

Anita Gregorian graduated with a master’s degree in materials engineering from the California State University in Northridge. The focus of her studies was on corrosion and vapor phase inhibitors in pipelines and other industrial structures. Immediately after graduation she became a member of the NDT team at The Aerospace Corporation based in the Los Angeles area, providing technical oversight of space missions to military, civil, and commercial customers. Her position at The Aerospace Corporation necessitates knowledge and experience in materials, physics, and nondestructive testing to provide mission-critical solutions. Gregorian has extensive experience in reviews and audits. Her expertise is also called upon in emergency on-site inspections of space hardware and failure investigations. In her role, she regularly interacts with NDT practitioners on the manufacturing floor, assisting with inspections, new technique development, and transfer of knowledge towards practical applications.

Working with aerospace and governmental contractors across the United States has given Gregorian insight on the needs of NDT technicians, training, and certifications. This experience is the drive behind her ASNT NDT Level III and IRRSP certifications, Society volunteer work, and urge to serve on the ASNT Board of Directors. In addition to her ASNT certifications, she is also certified in Cathodic Protection for the Association for Materials Protection and Performance.

Furthermore, Gregorian strongly believes that the circumstances of the past few years have demonstrated the importance of supply chain to meet national security demands. Manufacturers competing for contracts are increasingly integrating new materials, composites, additively manufactured parts, and NDE 4.0 into their processes. In this rapid progression in industry, new NDT applications often lag due to time required for validation and reliability. Gregorian’s responsibilities at work as well as the topic of her PhD research both focus on these issues—closing the gap between the NDT world and industry. 

Anita Gregorian