Renewal Point Categories

The following NDT-related activities may used to accumulate points to be used for renewal of ASNT NDT certifications. All points must be earned within the last 5-year certification period.

This table should serve as an overview for you. For complete information about point renewals, please download the complete definitions and requirements for certification renewal.



Point Value

Maximum points allowed per certification period

A1 Teaching NDT courses for which academic credit or IACET accredited CEUs ARE given:  1 point per 2 contact hours 16
A2 Teaching NDT courses for which academic credit or IACET accredited CEUs are NOT given: 1 point per 2 contact hours 10

A maximum of 16 points may be claimed in Category A

B Additional classroom or computer-based NDT training.
(Documentation must include number of contact hours and verification of successful completion.)
1 point per 4 contact hours 10
C Authoring or co-authoring technical NDT presentations at local technical society* or national meetings*.
(To receive credit, the individual must have contributed at least 50 percent of the content.)
2 points per initial presentation 8
D Attending technical sessions, seminars or panels at local ASNT Section or at NDT-related national meetings*.
1 point per 3 contact hours 10
E Preparing and publishing an original NDT-related peer-reviewed paper or full article* in a technical society publication*.
(To receive credit, the individual must have contributed at least 20 percent of the content.)
3 points per paper or full article 12
F Authoring short technical tips in the ASNT NDT Technician Newsletter or other NDT-related technical publication.
1 point per published Tip 6
G Development and technical review of ASNT publications See definitions 15
H Documented NDT contributions to NDT-related technical society committee projects.
2 points per completed project 12
I Other non-ASNT third party technical certifications such as CWI, API, NACE, ASQ, etc.
1 point per certification 5
J Membership in the American Society for Nondestructive Testing‡
1 point per year 5
K Serving as ASNT trained Monitor or Assistant Monitor at ASNT examinations. 1 point per 1/2 day session 6
L Performance of external NDT audits*
2 points per audit 8
M Receiving a patent* for an NDT related product 4 points per patent 12

This list should serve as an overview for you. For complete definitions and details about renewal points and documentation, please download the complete renewal document.