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2022 Sherlock Award Recipient

Mohammad A. Abufour, a lifetime member of ASNT. He has over 35 years of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) experience in the oil and gas industry where he has served as field technician, NDT trainer, Engineering specialist and NDT consultant. He has more than fifteen years’ experience serving as an NDT Level III for Saudi Aramco where he has developed NDT techniques, reviewed procedures and certified contractors’ technicians prior to provide NDT services using various Aramco and international industry codes. Additionally, Abufour, is leading inspection teams to provides Advanced NDT services to Aramco upstream & downstream facilities. He has been involved with local industrial colleges and institutes in promoting a career in NDT. Abufour, holds B. S. Degree in NDT from Northampton University (UK) and an ASNT NDT Level III in UT, MT, and VT. Abufour is one of the founders of Saudi Arabian Section of the American Society for NDT in 1999-2000. He is currently serving as Vice Chairman of Saudi Arabian Section and has been serving the NDT committee nationally since the establishment of Saudi Arabian Section and internationally served the membership as a Director at Large on the ASNT Board of Directors for one term ending in 2018. Abufour was recognized as an ASNT Technician of The Year class of 2006, Fellowship class of 2012 and Mentoring class of 2018.