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March 2019 Directors Letter

20 March 2019

Over these next few months, I will be giving updates to show you how we are continuing to move forward on many of the initiatives and activities that have begun during my time as Executive Director. During this time, ASNT has moved from its once insular position among international organizations and industry peers to not only being fully engaged, but to being a leader in international conversations.

I have mentioned organizational collaborations and memorandums of understanding (MOUs) many times over the past four years as a way ASNT shares resources and knowledge and expands its reach. MOUs are created to describe the relationship ASNT has with organizations with which it produces events, programs, and industry initiatives. Among sister societies with effected MOUs, there are tangible opportunities for growth and a greater understanding of the other’s unique world and industry perspectives. MOUs provide for each society president to receive reciprocal membership as well as access to booth space at each society’s respective conferences. The MOUs also allow a designated member from each society in the MOU to be an observer of a governing meeting for the other if matters of mutual interest are being discussed. These agreed-upon reciprocations keep the lines of communication open and transparent. Recently the relationships have deepened, and ASNT is ever more mindful about optimizing outcomes for the prosperity of the Society and adding value for members. At present, ASNT has 36 active MOUs with varying understandings and mutual benefits. Discussions during the Board meeting in January supported the continued effort in deepening these relationships and building new ones.

The ASNT Annual Conference has become a hub for international conferring. There has been a consistent increase in international representation at the Annual Conference. During this event ASNT hosts the only annual international forum, which most recently welcomed over 30 sister societies. ICNDT holds various subcommittee meetings regarding international initiatives. MOUs formalize shared goals to shorten the distance between our geographies and increase our mutual commitment to promoting global respect and practitioner excellence in NDT.

Partnerships are formalized in ways other than MOUs also. With American Welding Society (AWS), American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), and NACE International (corrosion association), the Inspection Conference 2020 is an industry first that is a result of ASNT’s regard as a strong collaboration partner and respected industry leader. This conference will be a setting for inspection professionals across these technical industries to discuss common challenges and share knowledge for universal best practices. The technical synergies across our industries made this collaboration one, we all agree, that has been an overlooked opportunity before now. We know the impact NDT plays in keeping the many structures and systems upon which we rely safe. AWS, AISC, and NACE professionals utilize NDT as well as share respective industry overlaps. I am certain attendees of this
conference will find many new professional connections and opportunities to expand their careers. Abstracts are currently being sought, and you all should know how very important ASNT members and NDT thought leaders as presenters are to the success of this event.

The current ASNT chairperson of the Board, president, ASNT senior staff, and I met with AWS, NACE, and several other organizations to produce two exciting initiatives, one being the Skilled Trades Coalition. This group is focused on tackling the knowledge gaps around the many facets of skilled trades and cultivating a pipeline of informed and capable new talent across many different industry sectors.

It bears repeating in the context of appreciating the value of being a trusted partner and able to provide a world-class event experience in any location that the International Symposium on Nondestructive Characterization of Materials (ISNDCM) conference in Portorož, Slovenia, is the first event ASNT will produce outside of the United States. There has been seamless coordination of logistics and venue with the coordination of local resources and support of the Slovenian Society for Nondestructive Testing.

ASNT’s work with its National Science Foundation (NSF) grant partners to expand educational opportunities for NDT is well underway. The curriculum development (DACUM) sessions took place in early December in Columbus at the Ohio State University with ASNT members participating to provide their knowledge as this process begins. ASNT is also designing a portion of the AWS Careers in Welding mobile trailer with information about NDT and ASNT. The partnership to promote NDT awareness and enrich the experience of students in NDT programs will have wide-reaching impacts of which you all will be proud. ASNT will share some of the public event dates where the trailer will be once the finalized schedule is released.

In all of these activities, as well as ASNT topical conferences, Research Symposium, and Annual Conference, ASNT members are key contributors and vital to their success. Please share your knowledge and participate as a presenter, attendee, or exhibitor when asked. Your input is welcomed and needed. If you have any questions on a particular partnership or MOU or would like to propose a new collaboration for ASNT, I encourage you to reach out to ASNT officers and Board members. As your elected representatives, hearing your interests and concerns are their top interest.

Following is a list of the active MOUs and collaborations.

·         ABENDI – Associação Brasileira de Ensaios Não Destrutivos e Inspeção

·         AEND – Asociación Española de Ensayos No Destructivos

·         AINDT – Australian Institute for Non Destructive Testing

·         AAENDE-CAC-CNEA – Asociacion Argentina de Ensayos No Destructivos y Estructurales

·         ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers

·         AIPND – Italian Society for Non-destructive Testing Monitoring Diagnostics

·         AWS – American Welding Society

·         Azebaijan Society for Non-Destructive Testing

·         BAM – Federal Institute for Materials Research Testing

·         BANDT&TD – Belarusian Association for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics

·         BGSNDT – Bulgarian Society for NDT

·         BINDT – British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing

·         ChSNDT – Chinese Society for Nondestructive Testing

·         CINDE – Canadian Institute for NDE

·         COFREND – Confederation Française pour les Essais Non Destructifs

·         CrSNDT – Croatian Society of Non Destructive Testing

·         CNDT – Czech Society for Nondestructive Testing

·         DGZfP – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V.

·         FENDT – Far East Forum on Nondestructive Evaluation/Testing

·         HSNT – Hellenic Society of Nondestructive Testing

·         Iranian Society for Nondestructive Testing

·         ISNT – Indian Society for Non-destructive Testing

·         ISRNDT – Israeli National Society for Nondestructive Testing

·         JSNDT – Japanese Society for Non-destructive Inspection

·         Kazakh Association for Nondestructive Testing and Technical Diagnostic

·         KSNT – Korean Society for Nondestructive Testing

·         MAROVISZ – Hungarian Society for Nondestructive Testing

·         MFPT – Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology

·         NACE – NACE International

·         NDTSS – Non-Destructive Testing Society Singapore

·         NRCan – National Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body of the Department of Natural Resources Canada

·         OGfZP – Austrian Society for Nondestructive Testing

·         RSNTTD – Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics

·         Slovenian Society for Nondestructive Testing

·         TURK NDT – Turkish Society for Nondestructive Testing

·         USNDT – Ukrainian Society for Non-destructive Testing


Let’s all continue to champion ASNT’s momentum of positive collaborations. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.


ASNT Executive Director