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Make the Most of 2019

January 2019 Directors Letter

16 January 2019

Happy New Year, all! As we begin 2019, let us decide how we will make the most of these 365 days.

It is with profound respect for you all (members, NDT community, and stakeholders) that I take this time to announce my retirement. My family resides in California and has been extremely patient and gracious with providing me the space and support to work at this great distance for this organization for which I have come to care about so much. This is a good time for me to reconnect with my family full-time so I can enjoy my grandchild, have regular date nights with my wife, and spend time with my children.

I have enjoyed my four years supporting ASNT to refine its strategic goals and reestablish global partnerships while providing the administrative guidance for ASNT to be well positioned for the future. Among this membership body, I have witnessed an undeniable passion for NDT and desire to see ASNT succeed. It is with this fact that I am confident that the Society is in capable hands that will continue to move the mission forward in innovative and thoughtful ways. I will be staying with the organization while the executive search is being conducted and until my successor is in place, so you will continue to see me for the next several months in person and through my monthly updates.

Building upon the tremendous momentum of 2018, there is endless potential for each of us to move that energy forward. We can use last year as a guide for fearlessly approaching new pursuits. We are not bound by the past; rather, we must use those chance meetings, commonalities, new relationships, and shared experiences as stepping-stones toward realizing our goals. Remember, we are only bound by the barriers we place on ourselves.

As I mentioned in my December letter, this month our newly reconstituted Board of Directors will extensively discuss planning and action items for ASNT organization. The Board will address the mission in new ways and with the focus that keeps ASNT’s continued success and growth first and foremost. I encourage you to make a point of getting to know your elected Board members and candidly sharing your thoughts.

This year the Society is bringing you many great opportunities to experience ASNT to further your technical knowledge, strengthen your credentials, and network with industry leaders from around the world. The ACCP V3 certification scheme will be rolling out very soon, to great anticipation. The ASNT Technical Services team and Certification Management Council are eagerly preparing for the administration of the new program. ASNT’s Industry Sector Qualification – Oil & Gas (ISQ) and the employer-based audit program have 2019 launches as well. The coordination and collaboration to lift these programs is unparalleled in ASNT’s history. The global impact is invaluable and reinforces the ASNT’s recognized industry leadership.

When you are planning your personal and professional development experiences this year, make certain to include ASNT’s world-class events. The ASNT Research Symposium in April starts the year’s events in Garden Grove, California. NDT of Composites in Seattle at the end of April and Digital Imaging and Ultrasonics for NDT in New Orleans in July are both being held in new locations. They are great destinations for cultural and tourism attractions and excellent venues to meet the quality experience attendees deserve and expect. The International Symposium on Nondestructive Characterization of Materials is ASNT’s first corporate event taking place outside of the United States. Held in Portorož, Slovenia, in September, this event will widen ASNT’s footprint further into NDE and research. This event focuses on better understanding the evolving complexities of the materials and assemblies being inspected. ASNT has an imperative to give these presentations and conversations an accessible platform for shared global learning: thus, this new ASNT event endeavor.

Of course, the event year ends with the ASNT Annual Conference in Las Vegas. It’s the largest annual gathering of industry professionals and stakeholders. This year’s Annual Conference is expected to be one of the largest. Mark this event on your calendar to make sure you join us in November.

From the new technical services offerings to the events, I expect all of these activities to bring in many new members and organizational partnerships. Now is a great time to encourage your peers to join ASNT and get involved in these industry-leading initiatives. Each new member brings a skillset, education, and background that increase the social equity and body of knowledge for ASNT. You can play a major role in seeing the value of your membership rise—recruit new members. Get All Aboard the MemberSHIP today with your first recruit of 2019.

Challenge yourself to participate in ASNT activities and events more this year. As you can see, there is much happening throughout the year—and I haven’t even mentioned all of the local and regional activities that will occur. Even if you feel like you “do enough,” there is always an opportunity at ASNT for you to have a new experience and explore a new area. List yourself in the ASNT Speaker’s Directory, become a mentor, share your talents at the ASNT Day of STEM, present at an ASNT event, contribute your work to one of the ASNT publications, or join a committee if you are looking at some ways to either engage or re-engage. You are welcomed and needed.

Let’s make 2019 the best year yet. As always, I welcome your thoughts, remarks, and suggestions. Be well and take good care.


ASNT Executive Director