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Research Symposium Highlights

April 2019 Directors Letter

17 April 2019

As you are reading this, the 2019 ASNT Research Symposium will either be occurring or will have concluded. This annual gathering of academicians, students, technology developers, quality managers, and ASNT volunteer leaders is a hallmark ASNT world-class event for the NDE/NDT research community. Set in Garden Grove, California, within minutes of the original Disney theme parks, the ASNT ISC events staff created the ideal setting for scholarship and networking. Considering winter seems to have been hanging on well past its time across much of the country, the sunny California skies and warm temperatures should ready us all for spring.

ASNT’s Day of STEM is being held once again with eager students and educators ready to immerse themselves into NDT with the help of a corps of ASNT volunteers. The student program includes brief presentations and hands-on exploration of NDT methods. Are you following ASNT on social media? There will be plenty of pictures from ASNT’s Day of STEM as well as other symposium proceedings. You can catch sound bites from lecturers as well as pictures of the event. Interact with us on social media; the hashtags #ASNT, #NDT, #ASNTresearch19, and #ASNTdayofSTEM are all ways to include ASNT in your event posts and be part of the conference conversation.

At both spring and fall conferences, councils and committees have dedicated meeting space to work on their respective projects. This time allows our members to connect in person and have meaningful interactions that conference calls simply cannot facilitate. This said, our committees are incredibly productive throughout the year. The investment into developing SharePoint as a virtual meeting space on which to collaborate, share documents, have discussions, and conduct voting, among other very useful tools, is to promote productivity at a distance. Considering the opportunity for in-person meetings usually only occurs twice a year, SharePoint will allow the great work to continue at an efficient pace and convenience for committee members. The SharePoint training videos are available on ASNT’s YouTube page. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with navigating the platform to make the most of your time spent.

This Research Symposium officially introduces ASNT’s Engineering Council. This new council developed from what many members considered a need to formalize conversations and efforts around recognizing NDT as an engineering discipline. Council Chair Shant Kenderian is giving a presentation during the Town Hall meeting at the Research Symposium about the council’s genesis, makeup, charges, and outlook. You will be able to see his presentation in the ASNT News section of the website. We will continue to be thoughtful about the formation of committees under this new council and look forward to all interested members providing input and participating.

Last year at this time, I mentioned the formation of an interest group for Women in NDT, which met for the first time at the 2018 Research Symposium. Since then, the group has become a committee under the Sections Operations Council and is meeting again at this year’s Research Symposium. This committee is actively seeking volunteer members to shape their outreach and impact. They are presently discussing their presence at this year’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas and creating an opportunity for all women in NDT in attendance to gather and share.

The 2015 Research Symposium was my first ASNT conference as the Executive Director. Serendipitously, it was at the same location as this year’s, which is my last ASNT conference as your Executive Director. While I will remain in this position for a period of time to enable a smooth transition to your next ED (so yes, you will see another letter from me next month), this clearly is the last ASNT event I will attend in this capacity. The theme of this event is “Advancing NDE Technologies, Research, and Engineering in a Changing World.” Every year at this event we have witnessed the next advances in this industry that will shape the profession and our world. I feel quite proud and confident that NDT is in great hands with the pioneers and visionaries continuing to move the needle and prepare the NDT/NDE world for the future.

For those of you attending the Research Symposium, I look forward to seeing you in Garden Grove. For those not able to join us, please know you are well represented and look for conference highlights in an upcoming issue of Materials Evaluation.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.


ASNT Executive Director