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ASNT Unveils Tree of Knowledge Memorial

10 August 2019

ASNT Unveils Tree of Knowledge Memorial_image

COLUMBUS, OH – The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) officially unveiled the ASNT Tree of Knowledge, a memorial for ASNT changemakers that have passed away. The solemn and reflective event, held at the ASNT International Service Center in Columbus, was attended by family and friends of individuals on the Tree of Knowledge in addition to ASNT staff.

“[The Tree of Knowledge] is something that celebrates not just the person. People who work, who dedicate their lives in giving back in society – those are the people we should celebrate,” ASNT President Scott Cargill said as he addressed the event attendees. “These people… you and I couldn’t do what we do without these people. We celebrate these people and their gift to us.”

The Tree leaves are brushed nickel plates with engraved names. The nine “stones” at the base of the tree are etched with the names ASNT’s founding members.

Guests in attendance came from several Ohio cities, Florida, Kentucky, and New York.

Visit ASNT’s social media pages to view video and pictures from the event.







*Memorial process and qualifications can be found in ASNT Policy G-42.


Photo caption: Kimberley Houf, widow of former ASNT Senior Manager of Certification/Technical Services