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2019 ASNT Election Results

21 August 2019

On Saturday, August 17th, membership ballots for the 2019-20 ASNT Board of Director Elections were tallied. More than 2,100 members voted.

We are pleased to announce the following individuals were elected:

Chairperson of the Board
Scott P. Cargill

Michael V. McGloin

Vice President
John T. Iman

Danny L. Keck

Directors at Large
Marwan Basrawi
Tsuchin (Philip) Chu
James (Gerry) Churchwell

Council Directors
Lawrence Gill, Sr. (Technical & Education Council)
Ahmed Arabi Hassen (Engineering Council)
Anish Poudel (Research Council)

Thank you to all the members who voted in this year’s election.

For information regarding ASNT’s structure, the election process, and a listing of the current ASNT Board of Directors, visit

*Annually, the ASNT Board election voting commences July 1 and finishes the third Friday of August.