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March 2018 Director's Letter

21 March 2018

SPRING MEANS THE START OF NEW BEGINNINGS AND ENERGY. The ASNT Board has worked over the winter months to set the groundwork for a fast-paced year of new engagement opportunities, value-added services to NDT stakeholders, and the revitalization of a world-class certification program. 

The winter Board meeting was held at the end of January in Columbus. Over the course of the week, the progress made was impressive and exceptionally encouraging of what’s to come for the ASNT organization, membership, and future of the NDT community. The week commenced with the annual one-and-a-half day training workshop that every new Board member receives so that he or she is prepared to address the mantle of leadership that Board service requires. Several committee meetings followed, and then the entire Board and senior staff engaged in an intensive one-day planning meeting to discuss key priorities. I must say, it was the best planning meeting I’ve attended since coming to ASNT. Over 25 people with unique viewpoints put aside their individual biases and agendas to work on one accord: producing a clear vision of ASNT over the next several years. I want to thank everyone that participated. While we accomplished quite a bit, we are by no means done. This was just a prefatory step to develop engagement paths and opportunities in not just securing and achieving membership and certification preeminence but maintaining ASNT’s global NDT leadership position in every juncture. We were mission driven, deliberate, and specific in our discussions and decisions. This meeting enabled the Board at its formal meeting the following day to act on the issues and priorities outlined the day before.

Do you plan your day’s activities with the fervor of the planning meeting? To achieve any meaningful outcome, a plan must be designed with a goal, measurable steps, evaluations, and presentation of findings, just as the Board planning meeting effected. It is very easy for us to fall into routines and rote tasks as we move through our days. By starting each day with a mindset to approach each objective, task, and meeting by participating deliberately, specifically, and with a focus of “moving the needle,” we are able to find greater fulfillment in our contributions. This thought can be applied to our personal outlook as well as professional.

  • Personally, are you interacting with your friends and loved ones in a purposeful, meaningful way? Are you walking away from a conversation or encounter feeling as though you’ve given of yourself in such a way that the other person knows how you value him or her?
  • Professionally, are you providing a level of service that leaves no doubt of your commitment to creating a safer world every day?

A testament to the staying power of ASNT is the passion of its members to be mindful and mission driven, and to believe in ASNT’s ability to weather economic downturns and unfavorable regulatory environments, as well as its resilience to rise above personality disconnects to achieve the ASNT the industry deserves. The Board demonstrated a cohesiveness and strength focused on priorities and effecting decisions that are solidly rooted in the ASNT mission, and galvanized by prudent stewardship of funds and explicit discretion of its authority to act, as elected representatives, in the best interests of all ASNT members. 

An exemplary display of industry focus, intention, and planning is the thought leadership and innovation at the 27th Research Symposium taking place on 26–29 March. Not only will attendees glean insight into the future of NDT, but there will be opportunities to plan meaningful interactions with peers and also be very mindful and deliberate in lending a voice to the future of NDT. The town hall meeting, held at the spring and fall conferences annually, will discuss proposed changes to the Society bylaws. I would strongly encourage everyone to attend this public forum for ASNT membership and let your opinion be heard.

ASNT is diligently working to increase the awareness and perception of NDT as being accessible for all. The Research Symposium will include the inaugural meeting of a special task force to identify gaps in the education, recruitment, and retention of women in NDT. Over the next several months, this ad hoc group will be canvassing members and the NDT community worldwide to fully assess the environment and create actionable steps in establishing a unified global voice for women on a world-class platform that provides the resources for success at every industry touchpoint. 

Look forward to next month’s Materials Evaluation featuring an update to the strategic plan, “A Global Vision,” as a result of the diligent work of the planning committee. Make sure you read how we continue to drive the mission forward in innovative ways. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando. As always, I welcome your thoughts.



ASNT Executive Director