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July 2018 Director's Letter

17 July 2018

Over the past few months, I’ve talked about NDT’s impact on the world and your individual impact on the Society. This month I’m meshing those two by discussing, for the first time in one of my letters, the ASNT publications department. ASNT publications are regarded throughout the NDT industry as premier resources for professionals, business owners, and stakeholders. It is only through the time and hard work of hundreds of dedicated volunteers and ASNT’s editorial staff that these industry treasures are possible. As members of ASNT, each of you should feel tremendous pride in the world-class products the publications team produces. I also hope that you see how your vital contributions to and support of these resources will ensure that the legacy of renowned quality continues.

Over ASNT’s 77-year history, it has produced several hundreds of publications, including method and industry handbooks, classroom training manuals, study guides, compendiums, and personnel qualification and certification documents. There are many committees of subject-matter experts that convene throughout the year, both virtually and in person during the Research Symposium and Annual Conference. The publications team is composed of seasoned writers and editors who participate in these meetings to lend their guidance in producing the quality products that the NDT community deserves. Whenever I mention serving on a committee or council, some of you may wonder, “What impact does that make?” or want a tangible outcome from your volunteerism. In this case, contributing to the production of an ASNT publication leaves a real mark on current and future professionals.

The periodicals delivered throughout the year require precise planning and a constant influx of timely and relevant industry thought leadership, case studies, and research papers and technical articles to meet the professional and career needs of the readership. These are ASNT products upon which NDT professionals and stakeholders rely to learn about new procedures and products, aside from ASNT conferences and symposia. The quarterly publications Research in Nondestructive Evaluation (RNDE) and The NDT Technician (TNT) and the monthly Materials Evaluation (M.E.) represent opportunities to share your knowledge through contributing an article or participating in peer review. The robust and engaging content in each issue is possible because of members like you. 

ASNT’s diverse membership made employing a digital platform to deliver the popular TNT and M.E. a must. We know your work can take you to remote sites or require long days of travel, and we wanted to remove any barriers to access. Direct links to new issues of the digital TNT and M.E. are sent by email via a newsletter the first week of each month, and access is also available through the ASNT website.

Both of these publications have features that allow you to better understand ASNT as well as your fellow members. TNT’s Practitioner Profile shares the journeys of NDT technicians who are charting unique paths and have interesting backgrounds that are inspiring to us all.  Member activity is also spotlighted in various departments of M.E., including Section News and Awards.

M.E. is not just an industry tool; it is a vehicle to keep you connected to ASNT news. The annual Ready Reference issue allows you see inside the administration of ASNT, with comprehensive information from a staff roster and organization chart to a complete listing of committees along with printed bylaws and rules of conduct. We keep the curtain pulled back, because this is your Society. The monthly ASNT Scope section of M.E. contains topics to keep you well informed about ASNT activities. In the June issue of M.E., we published the biographical information for the 2018–2019 ASNT Board of Directors candidates in this section. You deserve transparency about your elected representatives, and information like this allows you to get a sense of their voice and values. Election information is made readily available to engage each of you as stakeholders in the future of ASNT. The reach of M.E. provides the perfect vehicle to share pertinent information regarding elections with each and every ASNT member. However, this wide distribution belies our typical ballot response rate of a mere 15%. The publications team works hard to provide you with the information you need for maximum engagement in letting your voice be heard. You taking the time to submit your ballot this month is just as important as serving on a committee or council. I’m encouraging each of you to move the needle this year and cast your ballot using the information provided in M.E., along with your personal perspective on who you feel best reflects the ASNT you want to see. More information about voting is provided on page 889.

Although I may not discuss the publications department often, make no mistake that the hard work of this team ensures that ASNT remains a premier resource for NDT professionals and stakeholders around the world. As you consider ways to get involved, don’t forget the many ASNT publications that could use your expertise. As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.



ASNT Executive Director