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ASNT New Year's Resolutions

Jan 2018 Director's Letter

1 February 2018

WELCOME TO 2018! This year, why not affirm your New Year’s resolutions with ASNT in mind? Make 2018 the year you fully invest in all the opportunities that your ASNT membership offers by checking these to-dos off your list:

  • Read the Director’s Letter. This is my personal outreach to all members. My tone reflects my position on organization activities with an introspection that may not come across in formal settings, such as meetings and conference calls. I am always accessible and want to make sure that you hear from me directly about what is happening here and how the organization is moving to provide the best experience possible for you.
  • Read the President’s Letter. It’s important to understand the points of view of your volunteer leadership. You should hear the thoughts of your elected officer and his passion for the organization and the NDT industry directly. This vehicle was created to engender confidence in how you, the collective membership, are represented to global audiences as vested stakeholders in ASNT.
  • Attend your local section meetings. Get to know the members in your area and be a catalyst for inspiring NDT awareness locally. Sections are the drivers that move the ASNT mission. The commitment to ASNT and NDT is made stronger through the engagement of section members, who can find ways that ASNT can positively impact individuals and industry sectors in their areas.
  • Attend one or more of ASNT’s world-class symposia and conferences. Whether it’s the mainstays such as the Research Symposium and Annual Conference or the topical conferences, ASNT produces events that meet the needs of many different industry sectors, methods, and professional experiences. Yes, you will earn recertification points during these events, but the takeaways of a stronger network and technical insight gleaned from the presentations alone are well worth your time and attendance.
  • Bring NDT to a STEM audience. On 7–8 April, ASNT will be at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC. This is the largest science festival in the country and an opportunity to bring NDT to over 300 000 attendees. This will be the third time ASNT has exhibited, and we know the volunteer support of equipment, knowledge, and demonstrations is the reason our booth is such a strong attraction. Contact Jessica Ames to volunteer. If you cannot attend the DC event, look for career nights and STEM fair opportunities in your area schools.
  • Make a personal connection to develop your career. Become a mentor or find a mentor. Being a mentor for someone allows you to impart your wisdom and lessons learned that can chart a path for success for others. As a mentee, you can cultivate a meaningful relationship with someone who can offer insight into achieving career success. It isn’t always easy to ask for help, so resolve to take advantage of ASNT’s mentorship program this year.
  • And lastly, recruit a new member. Our members are our best advertisements and most compelling reason for someone to join. Our annual member-get-a-member campaign, “Dig Deep, Fly High,” is how you can help increase the social and intellectual capital of ASNT. Each new member strengthens ASNT, not just in number but in fresh perspectives, experiences, education, and points of view. Decide today to recruit at least one new member in 2018.

Thank you for your commitment to making ASNT part of your New Year’s resolutions. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.

ASNT Executive Director