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Feb 2018 Director's Letter

21 February 2018

AS YOU PLAN YOUR ENGAGEMENT WITH ASNT THIS YEAR, consider the impact you want to make and the mark you want to leave on your peers and the NDT industry. Many moving pieces have to work in concert to provide the administration, programs, and services for ASNT members and NDT stakeholders. 

     There are volunteer opportunities at every level and for every passion. My intention for this letter is to share a few examples of the good works being done on a consistent basis by your fellow members who volunteer their time and energies participating on ASNT councils and committees.     

     Councils and committees house the many strategic groups that power the initiatives for industry knowledge, education, resource development, and certification enhancements. Councils, which work to achieve the goals and objectives of the overall organization, are the umbrellas to the many committees that are aligned beneath them. All of our councils and committees are valued and necessary for ASNT’s successful operation. To underscore the impact and great work that’s being done by volunteers, I’d like to highlight activities from a couple of them.

     The Certification Management Council, or CMC, is the core body that meets to discuss ASNT’s certification scheme implementation, adherence, content, and technical acuity. Over the past year, examination candidates have had the tremendous benefit and convenience of computer-based testing (CBT). CMC members spent countless hours learning the nuances of the Pearson VUE CBT process to ensure that the ASNT examinations would be administered seamlessly and securely. The CMC is also the body that reviews and vets examination questions. ASNT certifications are the bedrock of our lauded history and global respect. This council is a key force behind why ASNT certifications are so eagerly sought.

     Another group I’d like to call your attention to is the Bylaws Committee. Many of you heard of the proposed bylaws changes during the town hall meeting at the 2017 ASNT Annual Conference. Proposals and consideration for change do not happen in a vacuum. There is a committee of dedicated members who have invested significant time in knowing and understanding ASNT policies and standard operating practices in order to weigh in on bylaws revisions that could better align ASNT with other large, successful societies of similar reach and objectives. It isn’t easy to suggest completely new ways to think about current, common practices and, in turn, help to synergize the resources within ASNT to a higher level. The Bylaws Committee must constantly evaluate the effectiveness of standing bylaws in order to make a substantiated case for change. There must be deliberation and research performed within the committee to make certain the changes align with moving the ASNT mission forward in a protracted and efficient manner.

     Again, these are just two examples of council and committee work. There are hundreds of anecdotes and examples of industry-acclaimed outcomes from all of these groups over the years. Without the dedicated work of all the committees and councils within ASNT, we could not deliver the promise of a safer world. Your voice and willingness to be part of the process is very necessary for ASNT to keep pace with a fast-moving industrial environment. Whether you are a new member or a tenured member who has never served in a volunteer capacity before, we need and gladly welcome you. I hope you find this missive an ample encouragement to share your talents with us. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. 



ASNT Executive Director