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Beginning a New Season for ASNT

November 2018 Director's Letter

15 November 2018

The ASNT Annual Conference always marks the end of one season and beginning of a new season for the organization. I’m always encouraged when I see new faces in attendance and volunteering for leadership. We formally recognized and welcomed a dedicated group of men and women comprising the ASNT Board of Directors for the next year. I’m looking forward to the year ahead as we continue to sojourn on our path to increasing the visibility of NDT and also the strength and value of ASNT membership.

Particularly remarkable at the conference were the Houston-area educators and students who shared our event space for another ASNT Day of STEM. Over 150 attendees connected with local and international NDT professionals in an immersive experience to discover NDT. It is everyone’s duty to reach out to future generations of NDT professionals and peers so they (1) know they are welcomed and needed, and (2) fully comprehend their unique vantage point to impacting the safety of their community, friends, and family. We must continue to repurpose our talents and wisdom to embrace fast-paced innovation and technologies as we optimize the work environment for integrity, accuracy, and to attract top talent.

Many of you are well aware of the collegial relationships ASNT has with the American Welding Society (AWS), National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), and other peer societies around the world. If you attended the Annual Conference, you likely saw many senior members of these organizations among your NDT peers. In the spirit of looking forward, I would like to share some exciting news with you. ASNT will begin new ventures with both AWS and NACE. These endeavors will expand resources and opportunities for members of all parties and have meaningful and lasting industry impacts.

When you read this, it will be less than eight weeks before the start of 2019. Collectively, the Annual Conference yielded consensus that ASNT is going to step into the New Year with entrepreneurial vigor and energy to address the ASNT mission at every touchpoint.

With the holidays upcoming and most of us downshifting to enjoy family and friends, I ask you to reflect on your 2018 and the impact you made. Whether on a client site, advising a mentee, working on an ASNT committee, giving a presentation, or any number of other ways, think of how you moved the needle. In those moments of reflection, recommit yourself to making the world a safer place—not just through NDT, but in your words and actions. Our societies and cultures are the sum of the collective contributions of their citizens’ choices and behaviors. Hold yourself accountable to choosing to make a safer world for all you encounter—be kinder, more open, fearless in your appreciation for the people in your life, intolerant of hate, and more compassionate.

Those of you who attended the banquet saw our outgoing Chairperson of the Board David R. Bajula recognized by the Governor of the State of Texas and the Mayor of the City of Houston, proclaiming 30 October “David Bajula Day in Houston.” These awards were made in recognition of the truly amazing work Bajula has performed for the Society over his career with ASNT. I challenge each of you to emulate Dave’s dedication and commitment to ASNT. It is through dedication to purpose like this that our Society will continue to grow and flourish, and truly address our mission and make a difference in our world.

As we ponder these actions I’ve challenged you to, I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Robert Kennedy: “If we fail to dare, if we do not try, the world will reap the harvest of our indifference. A world we did not want, a world we did not choose, a world that could have been made better by caring more about the fruits of our labors.” So I challenge each and every one of you to dare to try, dare to make that difference for others you may never know, for those you hold dear and love, and for all of those who—though they may not know it—are depending on you to try.

I welcome your thoughts, remarks, and suggestions. Be well and take good care.


Dr. Arnold “Arny” Bereson

ASNT Executive Director