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A Year of Purpose and Promise

December 2017 Director's Letter

14 December 2017

As we look toward the beginning of a new year, I’ve been looking at my director’s letters from the last eleven months. I believe each one holds a retrospective view that imparts how I would like you to look at ASNT’s year.

I began the year discussing “Truth in NDT” as a living mantra that heralds the expectation of transparency in ASNT’s stated purpose and actions. From our commitment to the highest of standards for ASNT certifications to how we communicate with our members and stakeholders, 2017 has been a year driven with intent, as evidenced with by our mutual recognition agreement with JSNDI (see related article on page 1455), the outstanding attendance at the 2017 Annual Conference (see related article on page 1438), and many other successful projects and programs that have moved our mission forward.

2017 also marked the first anniversary of ASNT’s shift to online certification applications and computer-based testing. ASNT leadership understood the value of streamlining the administrative process of reviewing applications in order to provide the timeliest service possible to applicants. Computer-based testing has increased the security of ASNT testing environments across the globe, ensuring a consistent experience with specific safeguards to confirm the test taker’s identification and preserve exam integrity. The accessibility of thousands of test centers around the world and the convenience of scheduling have garnered industry-wide recognition, and now computer-based testing is being used as a model for other societies.

We have had many environmental changes to contend with this year, such as the downturn in certain industry sectors and volatility across political landscapes. ASNT has responded with agility and grace. I spoke on the “Inevitability of Change” and “Challenging Ourselves to Be Better.” More than reacting to the world around us, ASNT has endeavored to strategically position the organization’s interests to any kind of shift, whether positive or negative, expected or out of the blue, actual or theorized. Deciding to advocate in our strongest voices for civility, respect, and the need to move forward through the good works of NDT to create a safer world is how ASNT withstands change and seamlessly evolves with changing times.

2018 is poised to be a year of great promise and opportunity for ASNT. We have planned a year of world-class symposia and conferences, new NDT publication releases, the biannual Section Leadership Conference, and participation in events that will introduce thousands of students, parents, and educators to NDT. By year’s end, we will have completed the process to align the ACCP program to complete compliance with ISO 9712. All of these efforts are possible only through the sustained dedication of our volunteers. I look forward to seeing how ASNT member volunteers continue to impress and set the standard for excellence in membership engagement in 2018.

Thousands of members, educators, companies, universities, certification holders, municipalities, and countless others all comprise the ASNT family. We have experienced the loss of longtime friends and welcomed new ones. We’ve had occasions of disappointment and times of absolute elation. This is life. The world keeps turning, and we are blessed to be part of the joy and even the sadness that remind us of the fragility of life and how important NDT is in impacting the safety and well-being of everyone around us.

Please take a few minutes to read through the 2017 letters as I did and share your perspective. I wish you all happiness and joy as you welcome 2018. As always, I encourage your comments and suggestions.

ASNT Executive Director