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ASNT Standards Development Committee (SDC) Updates

30 March 2016

The following update was submitted by the ASNT Standards Development Committee (SDC)

1) A new subcommittee was formed 

The Audit Subcommittee will be conducting audits of ISC as related to the SDC. This should make for a more fluid ANSI 5 year audit process.

2) Change in organizational structure of the ISO/TAG subcommittee

ASNT has been awarded all U.S. TAGs related to ISO TC135. These TAGs will be a standing committee of the ASNT BoD rather than a subcommittee of the SDC as was the practice.

3) Participate in American National Standards Development
ASNT’s Standards Development Committee (SDC) develops ASNT’s standards, including proposed ASNT CP-107; ASNT Standard for Performance Based Qualification and Certification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel. ANSI/ASNT CP-106: Nondestructive Testing — Qualification and Certification of Personnel, ANSI/ASNT CP-105;ASNT Standard Training Outlines of Nondestructive Testing Personnel. ANSI/ASNT CP-189: ASNT Standard for Qualification and Certification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel and ANSI/ASNT ILI-PQ: In-line Inspection Personnel Qualification and Certification.

If you wish to join the SDC and participate in the development of American National Standards, contact SDC Secretary Charles Longo at More information is available at