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Nominees and Candidates for 2015 ASNT Officer and Director Positions Announced

29 April 2014

In accordance with the ASNT Bylaws, the Selection Committee of the Board of Directors announces the following nominees and candidates for officer and director positions to appear on the ballot for the term beginning 1 January 2015. The Selection Committee reported this slate to the Chair of the Board who provided this report to the Board at its 27 March 2014 meeting.

Chair of the Board, President and Vice President
The nominees for the positions of chair of the Board, president and vice president are:

• Chair of the Board: Roger W. Engelbart

• President: L. Terry Clausing

• Vice President: Kevin D. Smith

The qualified candidates for the position of secretary/treasurer as determined by the ASNT Bylaws are:

• Secretary/Treasurer: David Bajula

• Secretary/Treasurer: Morteza K. Jafari

• Secretary/Treasurer: Shant Kenderian

Director at Large
Qualified nominees for the open director at large positions are as follows:

• Director at Large: Robert Saunders

• Director at Large: Flynn Spears

• Director at Large: John Turner


Members may submit additional names for each office by written petition. The submitted petition must include documentation of the individual’s compliance with the eligibility requirements for the position. For the offices of the Chair of the Board, President, and Vice President, the petition must not be signed by less than five (5) percent of the Society’s Voting Members, including at least ten (10) members each from at least ten (10) different Sections.

For the office of Secretary/Treasurer, the petition must be signed by not less than two (2) percent of the Society’s Voting Members, including at least five (5) members each from at least twenty (20) different sections. By 1 June, any petitions are forwarded to the Chair of the Board, who will ensure that a compliance assessment with the petition requirements is performed.

Balloting Notification
By 1 July 2014, all members for whom ASNT has an e-mail address will receive a balloting notification e-mail that will include voting instructions, a voter login identification, and a link to the election web page. ASNT will also mail paper ballots to all voting members for whom it has no e-mail addresses and by request. The completed ballots must be received on or before 15 August 2014.

Election results will be made public by 1 September 2014 on the ASNT website at and will be published in the October issue of Materials Evaluation.

Information on the Selection Committee’s solicitation of nominations for directors on the 2014 ASNT Board of Directors can be found in the December 2013 issue of Materials Evaluation (page 1382).

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