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Article Submission for Materials Evaluation Goes Online

11 April 2013

ASNT Members interested in submitting their articles for the Materials Evaluation journal may now do so online through the ScholarOne system. This exciting new system, launched in February 2013 to replace an email-based program, will increase the efficiency of the submittal and review process by improving communication between the authors, reviewers, and M.E. editorial staff, resulting in faster turnaround times from submittal to approval.

ScholarOne not only allows authors to submit their work, but also provides a robust set of tools, including the ability for M.E. editorial staff to manage documents, assign articles for peer-review, and communicate directly with the authors and reviewers involved. The entire process is documented so that a complete sequence of events can be followed for a manuscript, from submission through review to a final decision. Participants are able to log in to view their online dashboard to check the status of their paper and what has yet to be done.

ASNT Members who volunteer to review are able to provide comment on assigned manuscripts, use form-based scoring, and will also get automatic e-mail reminders if they miss a benchmark date.

While the submission process has changed, the requirements for publication, including the peer-review process, have not. Readers will not notice any changes in the contents of the journal.

Those who are submitting must create an account and use the submission portal at

For questions about submitting your Materials Evaluation articles online, please contact our M.E. Editor, Nathaniel Moes at Be sure to check out the April 2013 issue of Materials Evaluation for a complete walkthrough about how to use ScholarOne.


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