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Recognizing Organizations that Support ASNT!

The primary goal of the ASNT Affiliate Program is to strengthen our partnerships, furthering the mission of creating a safer world by advancing the field of nondestructive testing.™ ASNT considers its top participants to be thought leaders and contributors who, through their innovation and expertise, are shaping the future of the profession.

The ASNT Affiliate Program recognizes those organizations that support ASNT through investments in group membership, advertising, and sponsorship. To be recognized as an Affiliate, your organization must invest through at least two categories and meet the investment thresholds detailed within each level. Your investment is calculated based on your annual spend with ASNT.

For those organizations that have been involved with ASNT for some time, you may be familiar with the former Corporate Partner program or Partner Program. We want to ensure we create meaningful connections with our Affiliates and have expanded the program to allow for more customization to meet your business goals and objectives. Through your investments in group members, advertising, and sponsorship, you’ll unlock value-added benefits exclusive to your Affiliate tier. We are excited to work with you to customize your program and help elevate your partnership and contribution to ASNT and its mission.

Review Affiliate Benefits

To begin building your ASNT Affiliate Program, contact:

Holly Klarman
ASNT Media and Event Sales