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Study Of Deformation Behavior of AISI 1025 Carbon Steel with Different Microstructures Using Metal Magnetic Memory and Acoustic Emission Testing

Studies are carried out to investigate the tensile deformation behavior of AISI-type 1025 carbon steel with different microstructures using metal magnetic memory and acoustic emission testing (AE) techniques. Seven AISI 1025 carbon steel specimens were heat treated for different microstructures and then subjected to tensile deformation until fracture. AE was conducted during tensile deformation and the deformation-induced self-magnetic leakage fields (SMLFs) were measured using a giant magneto-resistive sensor after unloading. Results reveal that SMLF signal values are influenced by microstructure and residual stress aroused due to plastic deformation. Among different specimens, SMLF signal peak amplitude is highest in the brine-quenched specimen followed by the tempered specimen, while hardness is highest in the brine-quenched specimen. SMLF signal peak amplitude and hardness are the lowest in the annealed specimen. SMLF signal is higher in tempered specimens compared to the untempered specimens. From AE measurements, it is observed that martensitic steel emits higher acoustic emissions during deformation but decreases when tempered. The acoustic emissions generated in the martensitic steel are also of higher amplitude. The results are correlated with optical micrographs and hardness measurements.



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