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Development of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy System for Evaluating the Resistance Spot Welding Quality

Scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM) system (TSAM-400) was designed and developed for evaluating the quality of resistance spot welding (RSW) joints of 1.5 mm-thick SUS 316 stainless steel sheets under different welding parameters. Indentation and nugget information (diameter and shape) were used for evaluating the RSW quality. SAM A-scan signals were used to calculate the indentation. The nugget diameter was determined in the C-scan image. Internal information (nugget shape, splashes, and defects) was visualized in the B- and C-scan images. In addition, the spot weld area was treated to examine the surface topography effect. The nugget diameters of treated and untreated areas were measured and compared to conclude that the surface topography effect can be neglected in the quality evaluation by SAM system. By implementing TSAM-400, some specimens were successfully tested with a scanning area of 55 Å~ 15 mm2, and a scanning time of 33.5 s corresponding to a B-scan frame rate of 4.5 Hz, and a resolution of 0.1 Å~ 0.1 mm2. Finally, the good input parameters for welding two 1.5 mmthick SUS 316 were determined by analyzing the results from TSAM-400.



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