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A Study on the Anticorrosion Method of Rebars in RC structures due to Electromagnetic Induction

Degradation has been occurring on most of the RC structures which were built during a high economic growth period in Japan. The early deterioration of RC structures has become a social problem. Much more attention has been paid to the corrosion of rebar because it causes the reduction of structural performance. Therefore, it seems to be mentioned that the non-destructive method to prevent the corrosion of rebar in RC structures has to be developed as soon as possible. In this study, a new non-destructive method is presented by electromagnetic induction. The principle of the proposed method is shown below: The eddy current is generated on the rebar surface due to electromagnetic induction. The eddy current is used as a protective current to cancel the corrosion current on the rebar surface. Furthermore, the proposed method is applicable to prevent the occurrence of corrosion on rebars due to the comparison with the experimental estimation.


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