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A Remote Temperature Measurement Using FSS-Based Sensing

This paper presents a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) based sensor for temperature sensing. The proposed sensor operates in Ku-band and measures changes in temperature using a rectangular patch-based unit cell that includes a conductor backed temperature-sensitive substrate. Changes in temperature are sensed by monitoring the change in resonant frequency of the FSS when interrogated by an incident electromagnetic signal linearly polarized parallel to the long dimension of the rectangular patch element. Simulation results of temperature measurement over a temperature difference (with respect to ambient, i.e., 23 ˚C) of 0˚C - 200˚C are presented. The simulated results indicate that the average value of sensitivity and error of the sensor, respectively, is 350 MHz and 29 MHz for a 50˚C change in temperature.

DOI: 10.32548/RS.2022.008


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