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Design and Characteristics of Microfocus X-ray Source with Sealed Tube and Transmissive Target on Diamond Window

Electronic devices such as medical instruments implanted in the human body and electronic control units installed in automobiles have a large impact on human life. The electronic circuits in these devices require highly reliable operation. Radiographic testing has recently been in strong demand as a nondestructive way to help ensure high reliability. Companies that use high-density micrometer-scale circuits or lithium-ion batteries require high speed and high magnification inspection of all parts. The authors have developed a new X-ray source supporting these requirements. The X-ray source has a sealed tube with a transmissive target on a diamond window that offers advantages over X-ray sources having a sealed tube with a reflective target. The X-ray source provides high-power-density X-ray with no anode degradation and a longer shelf life. In this paper, the authors will summarize X-ray source classification relevant to electronic device inspection and will detail X-ray source performance requirements and challenges. The paper will also elaborate on technologies employed in the X-ray source including tube design implementations for high-power-density X-ray, high resolution, and high magnification simultaneously; reduced system downtime for automated X-ray inspection; and reduced dosages utilizing quick X-ray on-and-off emission control for protection of sensitive electronic devices.



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