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Using Experiment and Simulation to Understand the Effects of Source Filtering on Artifact Reduction for Industrial X-ray Computed Tomography

X-ray tubes create polychromatic X-ray spectra from tungsten and other target materials. When left unfiltered, the lower and moderate energies traveling through a test object result in several undesirable artifacts in X-ray computed tomography (CT) images, namely scatter and beam hardening artifacts. In this study, we performed experiments and simulations with different tube (source) filters to visualize the effects of filtration on the reduction of artifacts. A commercial CT system with the scatter correction technique was also employed for comparison with the filtration scenarios. The simulations are used in a sense to validate the experiments (normally we do the opposite) and explore the broad range of simulation possible for X-ray CT. Finally, more simulations are performed to show the effects of filtration on the X-ray spectra themselves in order to understand the effects seen in the CT images.



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