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Theoretical Analyses of Unsaturated Magnetic Excitation in Wire Rope

To overcome the shortcomings of traditional detection techniques, such as large size, low accuracy, complex operation, and high maintenance fees, a novel detection technique is proposed based on unsaturated magnetic excitation (UME) for wire rope applications. First, the field distribution of magnetic flux leakage was established based on magnetic dipole theory; then, the proposed model was compared with the remanence model. Further, the signal acquired from UME and magnetic flux leakage testing (MFL) was contrasted by testing the samples with artificial discontinuities. Results from theoretical analyses demonstrated the model according to actual magnetic distributions and found it was also an appropriate detection technique for other ferro-magnetic materials. In addition, the proposed technology was better than the remanence technique in terms of reliability, high signal-to-noise ratio, acquisition of circumferential information, weight, simple structure, and convenience.



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