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NDT 4.0: Opportunity or Threat?

There is no doubt that the world currently is in the midst of a technology-driven transformation that is evidenced in our everyday lives via technical advances like self-driving cars and artificial intelligence. The world around us is changing at a rapid pace, and this also affects the way we produce nearly everything. Entire industries are transformed, resulting in major implications for professionals in many fields. This transition is so compelling that it has been named “Industry 4.0,” the fourth industrial revolution. A variety of disruptive factors are compounding one another and have a massive impact on the status quo. These include robotics, big data, additive manufacturing, integrated systems, augmented reality, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and much more. The NDT industry cannot escape these fundamental changes. Nearly all methods are impacted—some more, others less. Therefore, the question arises: Is this an opportunity or a threat? This paper will explore these fundamental shifts using some specific examples from the field of radiography, as this is the field of expertise of the author. Also, the radiographic testing method is among those that will see the biggest changes caused by the new technology, as we have already seen in the medical realm.



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