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Deployment of Digital NDT Solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry

Case studies of Industry 4.0 usually focus on manufacturing or logistics. While these are also important disciplines in the oil and gas industry, manufacturing and logistics are not the first things that come to mind when addressing the challenges related to safety and asset integrity. However, the technologies that are commonly associated with Industry 4.0, such as supply chain management solutions, robotics, additive manufacturing, and big data, play a major role in nondestructive testing (NDT). The owner/operators of installations in the oil and gas industry certainly support these trends and routinely request these technologies to be applied to NDT. This paper will explore how the discourse on Industry 4.0 applies to NDT 4.0 and how the trending technologies mentioned previously play a role in innovations. This will be done by showing where the technologies have been applied in research and development efforts currently underway. The first case study focuses on tube testing. The second focuses on the inspection of large structures such as storage tanks, pipelines, and vessels. These case studies will highlight how applying NDT 4.0 concepts contributes to increased quality of testing, and ultimately to safety and asset integrity in the oil and gas industry.



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