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Advances in EMAT Technology and Applications

Electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) technology was studied at length in the 1970s, and several patents were introduced for many applications of this novel noncontact ultrasonic testing (UT) technique that could generate ultrasound without couplant. However, despite the early promises of revolutionizing UT, it took nearly 20 years to see the first successful commercial applications of the technology, and another decade to see EMAT systems sold in significant numbers. With the evolution of hardware and software, many challenges have been conquered and now EMAT is the technique of choice for numerous industrial applications due to its unique capabilities. This paper explores the EMAT technique and how it has been applied in different fields.



Ali, S., F. Hernandez-Valle, and B. Lopez, 2015, “Guided Wave Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer Technique for Inspection of Clad Plates,” Materials Evaluation, Vol. 73, No. 12, pp. 24–31 (appeared in NDTMarketplace insert).

Gao, H., and B. Lopez, 2010, “Development of a Single-Channel and Phased Array Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers for Austenitic Weld Testing,” Materials Evaluation, Vol. 68, No. 7, pp. 821–827.

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