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Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Influence of In-Plane Anisotropy on Ultrasonic Velocity in Aluminum

The surface of an aluminum alloy plate generally exhibits in-plane anisotropy due to processing technology, which will further affect the test quality when using ultrasound. The mechanical correlation mechanism between in-plane anisotropy and ultrasonic phase velocity is analyzed analytically. The in-plane anisotropy is determined by two parameters: the orthotropic parameter and the coupling anisotropic parameter. Additionally, the wave characteristic equation with in-plane anisotropic decomposition is modeled, and anisotropic influence on ultrasonic propagation is classified into three cases: isotropic symmetry, transverse symmetry, and orthotropic symmetry. A measurement process is deduced to obtain the in-plane anisotropic parameters, and an analytical model is also proposed to predict the ultrasonic velocity distribution. Subsequently, critical refraction longitudinal (LCR) waves are applied, and novel ultrasonic testing equipment is designed to estimate in-plane elastic anisotropy. Taking rolled aluminum plate, which exhibits orthotropic properties, as an example, the ultrasonic measurement velocity and the predicted ultrasonic velocity are compared to verify the feasibility of the proposed analytical model and testing equipment.


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