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The Importance of Ultrasonic Beam Profiles

Since 1929, when the use of ultrasound for material testing was first reported, ultrasonic testing of metals has been used in many industries, ranging from the vast expanse of space in the aerospace industry to the deepest holes drilled into the earth for scientific research or oil-and-gas exploration. In particular, the oil-and-gas industry incorporates many ultrasonic inspection specifications and procedures used throughout the world. Most of these noted specifications and procedures reference effective beam width with regards to inspection coverage. Since one cannot physically see the ultrasonic beam, the beam profiles must be used to aid in determining effective beam width, but they can be used for much more. This paper will attempt to highlight the ultrasonic beam characteristics as they pertain to rotating full-length ultrasonic testing systems as illustrated by using typical reference standards. These results may lead to an understanding of the importance of ultrasonic beam profiles and show how this importance should apply to these specifications, as well as others.


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