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Evaluation of Three Different Approaches for the Ultrasound Attenuation Coefficient Measurement in Nodular Cast Iron

In this work, the ultrasound attenuation in nodular cast iron was evaluated by using three different methodologies, here designated as the A, B, and C techniques. Six machined cast iron samples were tested, using two broadband transducers of 8 and 20 MHz in the pulse-echo configuration by immersion. The sample micrographic images were analyzed for microstructure characterization and graphite nodules size determination. Two experimental studies were accomplished: (1) evaluation of the performance of the A, B, and C techniques, and (2) determination of the reflection coefficient for different frequency values and its influence in the attenuation results. It was found that the attenuation exhibits a power law frequency dependence, with a very high coefficient of determination, which can be considered as a quasi-rayleigh regime. Although the present problem deals with nodular cast iron, it can be generalized to other scattering media.


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