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Evaluation of Nondestructive Evaluation Methods for Applicability to Precast Concrete Deck Panels

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) is the method for building and rehabilitating bridge construction aimed at reducing on-site activities, traffic interruptions, and cost. In general, ABC uses precast elements for bridge superstructure or substructures which are fabricated on site or away, moved to the bridge site and installed in place. Precast concrete deck panels are among common elements in ABC superstructures which need to be integrated together and with the bridge using closure joints. Because of in-situ casting of the closure joints therefore there is a potential for defects to occur during construction, or develop later during the life of the structure. Despite numerous investigations on nondestructive evaluation in general, a quantitative study on the evaluation and selection of the most applicable Nondestructive testing (NDT) methods for ABC precast concrete deck panels is lacking. The most promising NDT methods and their capabilities for inspection of the ABC joints were identified by the authors and presented previously in another paper. The current paper attempts to introduce a quantitative examination and comparison among the most applicable NDT techniques in ABC taking into account the expected defects and anomalies associated with precast concrete deck panels. The investigation is focused on closure joints as the critical details in a precast concrete deck.

DOI: 10.32548/RS.2019.004

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