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Enhancing radiographic imaging of cementitious materials in composite structures with photon attenuating inclusions

This article investigates the use of photon attenuating inclusions (PAI) for enhancing radiographic imaging of cementitious materials in composite structures. By targeting characteristic high attenuation regions in the photon energy spectrum, PAI can improve void detection in the parent material by increasing contrast in radiographic images. Radiographic imaging of cementitious grout specimens with 5% and 15% weight fractions of candidate PAI materials (Fe, BaCO3, BaSO4) was performed to characterize X-ray attenuation. Virtual radiography simulations were then conducted to evaluate the application of PAI to grout void detection in post-tensioned concrete construction. The simulations demonstrate that grout void detection is most effective when the high energy region of the emission spectrum is near the K-edge of the PAI material.

DOI: 10.1080/09349847.2018.1475585


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