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A Damage Science Based Monitoring Approach for Detecting End-of-Functional Service Life

Engineering materials including fiber reinforced polymeric composite materials as well as metal alloys develop damage during service when used in structures where structural integrity is critical. This damage development will occur throughout the structure depending on the applied load level more or less from the time the service begins. In regions where no geometric detail causes stress concentration the occurrence will be globally distributed, while in some regions where geometric details cause stress concentrations a localization progression will proceed early in the life. Where globally distributed damage develops initially it will eventually become localized and typically when this localization of further progressive damage occurs the rate of development begins to rapidly increase. Typically, health monitoring R&D has focused on novel sensors or wireless devices, or energy harvesting with little actual attention to application to monitoring health. Here an approach which is directed at detecting the transition of damage development to localized development, or the significant increase of precursor damage development in regions where damage development is forced by geometric details to be localize initially will be described and experimental results presented.


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