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Quantitative Ultrasonic Beam Profiles of Conventional Single-element Probes

ABSTRACT The objective of this research was to quantitatively study experimental and simulated ultrasonic beam profiles in metallic components. For this study, a beam profile will be considered as an image of maximum sound intensity for a given material and ultrasonic probe configuration. Beam profiles can be produced through careful experimental measurements or ultrasonic modeling and simulation software. Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) software capable of simulating beam profiles has been used within the nuclear industry in support of relief requests. Thus, an assessment of the reliability of such simulated beam profiles will be beneficial. Five test cases are presented in this study and were developed to cover various test parameters such as probe frequency, diameter, and wave mode. Experimental data were collected for each test case and are quantitatively compared to modelling and simulation results using commercial NDE software. Additionally, conclusions are drawn from this study, and future research opportunities are suggested.




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