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Prospects for Integrating Augmented Reality Visualization of Nondestructive Testing Results into Model-based Infrastructure Inspection

Nondestructive testing results of civil infrastructure have so far been presented on a case-related basis. To enable comprehensive quality management over the entire life cycle of a structure, it would be desirable to combine the various results, monitor their development over time, and use them for on-site maintenance tasks. In this contribution, prospects are developed for the integration of non-destructive testing results into digital building models within the framework of building information modeling (BIM). As an example of integrated utilization of planning and measurement data, an innovative visualization approach using augmented reality (AR) is presented. An AR application has been implemented that superimposes the camera image of a tablet viewing a concrete specimen with ultrasonic and radar images of the interior of the specimen (actual data) and the three-dimensional planning geometry of the built-in parts (target data). When the tablet is moved or rotated, the geometric relationship between the camera image and the inner views is maintained. The display of the tablet thus opens a window into the interior of the concrete structure. Steps necessary for the preparation and interpretation of non-destructive testing results are compiled, and possibilities for implementing markers for coupling the virtual world with the real world are discussed. The goal is to evaluate the condition and facilitate model-based inspection and maintenance tasks directly on the structure by presenting planning data and measurement results in their real context and enriching them with additional information.



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