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Optimization of Periodic Permanent Magnet Configuration in Lorentz-Force EMATs

The relative merits of three different periodic permanent magnet (PPM) configurations are investigated for the generation of SH0 waves with a Lorentz-force electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) on a 60-mm diameter aluminum pipe. Such transducers are often used for checking the integrity of pipelines. It was found that minimizing lift-off by using magnets machined to the same curvature as the pipe increased the magnitude of the generated wave by over 70%, compared to the use of a PPM with a single planar surface. A less expensive and more versatile alternative is to use a PPM for which the two lines of magnets are angled with respect to each other to realize closer average proximity to the pipe surface. Numerical simulations and experiments indicated that the amplitude of a SH0 wave with this magnet configuration would still be approximately 60% higher than the reference case of a PPM with a single planar surface.


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