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Nondestructive Testing of Heat Exchanger Tubes in Balance of Plant using Bobbin Coil and Bobbin-Type Integrated Hall Sensor Array

In this paper, a nondestructive testing system is proposed for inspecting heat exchanger tubes in the balance of plant of a nuclear power plant. A bobbin coil was used to excite an alternating elec-tromagnetic field in heat exchanger tubes, and a bobbin-type integrated hall sensor array (BIHaS) was used to measure the magnetic flux density distribution around discontinuities. The BIHaS was fabricated by arraying 30 hall sensor elements around the circumference of a probe. The system performance was verified by experiments conducted on three 304 stainless steel tubes with artificial circumferential groove, wear scar, axial/circumferential simulated crack, and flat-bottom hole discontinuities on the outer diameter surface. The proposed system showed potential for accurate detection and classification of disconti-nuity types. Furthermore, the discontinuity volume could be estimated.


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