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My 27 Years of Innovations in NDE: From Inventor’s School to Development of a New NDE Method

In a perfect world, every company would have limitless resources to conduct necessary corrosion and material research to ensure that their plant operated safely. The reality is different, which is why modern-day research engineers must have the necessary skills to find a solution within a reasonable budget and avoid the trial and error method. Beginning my first year at college, I attended an inventor school that gave me a number of great ideas on solving technical problems using a methodology as opposed to intuition. As a result of working at that school, I created my first invention and also took my first career step in NDE. During the next 27 years, I was part of many challenging NDE projects in Russia and the USA and have authored 27 inventions. My current project is the development of guided wave testing methods based on magnetostrictive transduction. This is a newly established NDE method with a large number of applications and challenges. In this presentation, I would like to talk about the history and logic behind my best inventions. One of them will be the Magnetostrictive transducer utilizing a Reversed Wiedemann effect and its application for structural health monitoring of high temperature pipes. A number of other interesting projects spanning a broad range of NDE applications in Nuclear and Petrochemical industries will also be discussed.




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